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Aleutians East Borough





Facts & Information

The Cities and communities of Aleutians East Borough, Alaska *



Cold Bay

False Pass

King Cove

Nelson Lagoon

Pauloff Harbor

Sand Point


*This list of cities may not be complete. The list may contain towns, cities, villages, boroughs, townships, ghost towns and other populated places.

If you have information about any of these unlinked communities, please send it to us and we will add a page for that community. Some of these places above may only be neighborhoods or local area names and are not listed with the census at all or just included in a larger surrounding designated census area..

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Information & Facts about Aleutians East Borough, Alaska

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Aleutians East Borough
3380 C Street, Suite 205
Anchorage, AK 99503
Phone 907-274-7555
Fax 907-276-7569

Shumagin Corporation
The ANCSA Village Corporation for Sand Point

Aleut Corporation
4000 Old Seward Hwy., Suite 300
Anchorage, AK 99503
Phone 907-561-4300
Fax 907-563-4328

Eastern Aleutian Tribe
3380 C Street, Suite 100
Anchorage, AK 99503-3949
Phone 907-277-1440
Fax 907-277-1446

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1990 - 2,646
2000 -

Housing Units
2000 - 6,988

Pauloff Harbor and Unga have no permanent residents, and are occupied seasonally only

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The Borough, in southwestern Alaska, runs from the tip of the Alaska Peninsula to the easternmost Aleutian Islands. The peninsula links mainland Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. The North Pacific Ocean borders it on one side and the other side is bordered by the Bering Sea. Aleutians West Census Area is to the west and the Lake and Peninsula Borough is to the east. It is 634 miles from Anchorage. The area is accessible by air and sea.

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The Borough enjoys a maritime climate with temperatures ranging from -9 to 76 degrees during the year. The winters are mild compared with most interior areas. Typical Alaska daylight hours last as long as 17 hours, 27 minutes while the shortest day is about 7 hours, 6 minutes.

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Other Facts and Figures:

Median Household income
2000 - $

Per capita Income
2000 - $18,421
2002 - $24,962

The borough's population is 38.6% Alaska Native or part Native

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Popof Island, on which Sand Point is located, is part of the volcanic Shumagin Group. At one time it was covered with ice. With the movement of the ice, the land was ground out creating quite a rugged landscape. Eons of erosion and weathering have smoothed out some of the roughness, but much of it remains, particularly on the coasts. There was on early settlement at Red Cove, but a fishing station wasn't developed on the north coast until Thomas W. McColam began a fishing station at Pirate Cove. Sand Point was founded in 1897 by Lynde R Hough, a San Francisco company known for its marine-oriented businesses, as a cod fishing station and trading post. The site had already been named Sand Point by the government. The little settlement began to draw people from surrounding areas. Though shortlived, there was a gold mining era in 1904. By the 1930s, fish processing had taken over as the main emphasis of the local economy. About this time, a herd of Bison was brought in and continue to thrive in a remote area of the island. A fox farm was begun by Andrew Grosvold around the same time and employed many local people. When mining and the fur industry dwindled in the entire area, fish processing began to step up. It remains today as the main economic factor for the entire borough. For a brief time in the 1960s, the harvesting of King Crab, Tanner crab and shrimp expanded, but due to restrictions and low prices, the industry has dwindled greatly. The growth of the area was stopped for a time due to the decline.

Unga Island has a history of mining spurred by a discovery by George C. King in 1884. Both gold and silver were mined until about 1908. Much later during the 1980s, the price of gold increased greatly, prompting a reassessment of the mines, but none of re-opened as of 2004. Coal was also discovered on Unga Island in 1840.Though much coal was mined and a surge in production in 1882 led to more coal being exported out, the mines gradually gave out until by 1908 there was only 1 mine left.

Here is a history page for the area
This page gives a history of the Aleutian area.
history of Sand Point and the Shumagin Islands

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Total area - 15,000+ square miles
Total land area -
6,988.14 square miles
Total water area - 8,023.5 square miles

No trees grow in this area; the land is covered by low shrub tundra, grass and wildflowers in the summer. No land in the borough is more than 20 miles from the sea.

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A genealogy page for the area
Aleutian East area cemeteries
US GenWeb page for the borough
Roots Web genealogy page for the borough

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Acutan Public Library
8 Bayview Drive
Akutan, AK 99553

Cold Bay Public Library
City Building
Cold Bay, AK 99571

False Pass Public Library
180 Unimak Drive
False Pass, AK 99583

Sand Point Community/School Library
Sand Point School Building
Sand Point, AK 9966

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Aleutians East School District
P.O. Box 429
Sand Point, AK 99661-0429
Phone 907-383-5222
Fax 907-383-3496

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Commercial fishing and seafood processing are the driving force of the region's economy. Salmon, crab, pollock, halibut, rockfish, and other species are harvested by both local and non-resident fishermen and processed in local facilities. In 2001, seafood-processing jobs accounted for 90% of the borough's private sector wage and salary employment.

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Organizations & Groups

Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association
201 East 3rd Avenue
Anchorage, AK 99501
Phone: (907) 276-2700
Fax: (907) 279-4351

Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference
3300 Arctic Blvd. Suite 203
Anchorage, AK 99503
Phone: 907-562-7380
Fax: 907-562-0438

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Attractions & Other Information

The region is rich in history, preserving both Aleut and Russian traditions. The St. Alexander Nevsky Russian Orthodox Church in Akutan contains many old icons while the community-run museum has an excellent collection of Aleut artifacts.

Learn more about the Aleutians East Borough

Access to most areas in the borough is by air. Connections to Anchorage may be made through Cold Bay and Sand Point. Other destinations within the borough may use small planes to reach each area. Some areas use only a seaplane ramp.

The Borough is the home of the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge. A second wildlife refuge, The Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge is located next to False Pass. Both are administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The four national wildlife refuge units that are located within the Aleutians East Borough provide prime habitat for birds. These sites include the North Creek Unit and the Pavloff Unit, both in the Alaska Peninsula National Wildlife Refuge; the Unimak Island Unit in the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge; and the Izembeck National Wildlife Refuge.

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