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Statistics & Facts

The Alaska state capital is Juneau.
The population of Barrow is approximately 4,581 (2001), 4212 (2010).
The approximate number of families is 1,184 (1990), 1280 (2010).
The amount of land area in Barrow is 48.747 sq. kilometers.
The amount of land area in Barrow is 19 sq. miles.
The amount of surface water is 5.806 sq kilometers.
The distance from Barrow to Washington DC is 3908 miles.
The distance to the Alaska state capital is 1145 miles. (as the crow flies)
Barrow is positioned 71.26 degrees north of the equator and 156.80 degrees west of the prime meridian.
Barrow elevation is 2 feet above sea level.
Barrow per capita income is $ 22,902.
Barrow median income is $ 67,097.
Barrow average annual precipitation is 5 inches peryear.
Barrow average annual snowfall is 20 inches per year.
The average summer temperature is 40 degrees F.


the most northern settlement in North America. It is 340 miles north of the Arctic Circle. For 82 days each year the sun does not go below the horizon (May to August). It doesn't rise above the horizon for 51 days (November to January). Barrow is on the Chukchi Seacoast, ten miles north of Point Barrow. It is 725 air miles from Anchorage.
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cold! The daily minimum temperature is below freezing 324 days of the year! The Chukchi Sea is normally ice free from mid-June through October.
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History & History Related Items

Barrow was named for Sir John Barrow, 2nd Secretary of the British Admiralty.

The Eskimo name for Barrow is Ukpeagvik (place where owls are hunted). The US army opened a meteorological and magnetic research station near here in 1881. In 1893, the Cape Smythe Whaling and Trading Station was built. By 1899 there was a Presbyterian Church and a post office. Oil became a mainstay of the local economy by the mid-1900's.

Well over half the population are Alaska Natives, with the majority being Inupiat Eskimos. The local residents still practice the traditional parts of their culture with subsistence hunting and more. Though modern conveniences are available in Barrow, not all residents use them. Work is underway to include all residents in these conveniences.
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The incorporation of Barrow



Barrow is one of the world's largest Eskimo settlements. Though the old ways are heavily present in Barrow, modern conveniences, traditions, and ways of life are entering more and more into the area.

Local crafts include: balcen baskets, ivory carvings, bone carvings, Eskimo dolls, yo-yos

Sled and sled dogs are still popular but are being ousted by snowmobiles.

There is a memorial at the airport for Will Rogers and his pilot, Wiley Post, who were killed in a plane crash near the coast here in 1935.

Barrow, Alaska is the northernmost community in North America
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Economy & Industry

The center of the economy for the entire region centers in Barrow with the majority of employers, businesses and operations located here. Tourism continues to enlarge in the area brought by the Barrow "Midnight Sun." Local arts & crafts also provide income. Some commercial fishing is present with many residents relying on the local wildlife for their food sources.
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Barrow City Government

City of Barrow
P.O. Box 629
Barrow, AK 99723
Phone 907-852-5211
Fax 907-852-5871

Borough Volunteer Fire Dept./EMS/Search & Rescue/Medevac
Phone: 852-0307/6111

Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial Airport
Regional transportation center
The airport has a 6,500' asphalt runway


A federally recognized tribe is located in the community -- the Native Village of Barrow; Inupiat Community of the Arctic Slope.

Regional Native Corporation
Arctic Slope Regional Corp.
P.O. Box 129
Barrow, AK 99723
Phone: 907-852-8633
Fax 907-852-5733

Ukpeagvik Inupiat Corporation
P.O. Box 890
Barrow, AK 99723
Phone 907-852-4460
Fax 907-852-4459

Village Council
Inupiat Community of the Arctic Slope
P.O. Box 934
Barrow, AK 99723

Village Council
Native Village of Barrow
P.O. Box 1139
Barrow, AK 99723
Phone 907-852-4411
Fax: 907-852-4413


North Slope Borough
P.O. Box 69
Barrow, AK 99723
Phone 907-852-2611
Fax 907-852-0337

Barrow Chamber

Barrow Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 400
Barrow, AK 99723
Phone: 907-852-8200

Barrow Organizations

Barrow Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 400
Barrow, AK 99723
Phone: 907-852-8200

Barrow Schools

North Slope Borough Schools
Box 169
Barrow, AK 99723-0169
Phone: 907-852-5311
Fax: 907-852-5984 Barrow


The population of Barrow was:
The population of Barrow was:
1990 - 3,500
1999 - 4,438
2001 - 4,581

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