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The Gateway City to the Tikchik State Park
Sockeye Salmon Capitol
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The Alaska state capital is Juneau.

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Statistics & Facts

The population of Dillingham is approximately 2,501 (2007), 2329 (2010).
The approximate number of families is 1,000 (2000), 855 (2010).

The amount of land area in Dillingham is 84.789 sq. kilometers.
The amount of land area in Dillingham is 33.6 sq. miles.
The amount of surface water is 5.418 sq kilometers.
The distance from Dillingham to Washington DC is 4170 miles. The distance to the Alaska state capital is 971 miles. (as the crow flies)
Dillingham is positioned 59.06 degrees north of the equator and 158.52 degrees west of the prime meridian.

Dillingham elevation is 95 feet above sea level.
Dillingham per capita income is $21,537 (2000).
Dillingham median income is $51,100 (2005).

The Dillingham median home price is $150,400 (2005).

Dillingham miscellany.

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Dillingham location: at the far northern end of Nushagak Bay in Northern Bristol Bay. It is 619 miles southwest of Anchorage. Other nearby communities include Clark's Point, Aleknagik, Manokotak, Portage Creek, Ekwok, New Stuyahok, Koliganek and Egegik.

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Climate & Weather

The climate for Dillingham is maritime with some interior Arctic climate. The area receives about 65 inches of snow per year.
The weather in Dillingham is Typical. For the current weather conditions in Dillingham, go to this weather page. July and August have heavy fog. From December to March winds of up to 60-70 mph may occur.
Dillingham average annual rainfall is (precipitation) 26 inches per year
Dillingham average temperature is (summer) 37-66, (winter) 4-30 degrees F.
The average high temperature is degrees F.
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History & History Related Items

Dillingham history:

History from the state of Alaska
The settling of Dillingham: 1818
The founding of Dillingham: 1904, named for Senator Paul Dillingham, who had toured the area in 1903.
The incorporation date of Dillingham: 1963

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Dillingham attractions:

Welcome to Dillingham, Alaska
Dillingham is a "Bush" Fishing Village. It is the gateway city to the Tikchik State Park, which is the largest State Park in the nation today. We are the Sockeye Salmon Capitol. This is the primary income for the city, as commercial fishermen, along with the sports fishermen that come to the many lodges, inn's, and Bed & Breakfasts. Tourism and Eco-Tourism is on the rise in Dillingham.

the Wood-Tickchik State Park area, the largest in the nation has much to offer the Fishing - Hunting - Sightseeing with now Eco-tours being adapted to our areas here. There is an activitiy to be enjoyed at all times of the year here, with now many Bed & Breakfast Inn's to accommodate the Visitor - also car rentals, snow machine rentals, etc. etc. Enjoying all that Dillingham's Picture Paradise has to offer the World for a once in a lifetime ALaskan experience!

Here is a big list of wonderful things to see and do around Dillingham. You'll need to stay longer just to get to all of them...and there are more!
Beaver Round Up Days - Last week in February - whole week of city wide activities, for the whole family - with a float parade to bring all out!
Nushagak Dog Sled Race.....usually around First week in March!
Blessing of the Fleet: Around June 1st, with barbecue, festivities to bless the fleet on a safe journey out to sea.
No See Um Festival, usually in last week of July or early August.....a street fair festival of all sorts of arts n crafts, that fill our Main street with booths & fun activities!
Tour Sam Fox Museum, a complete & most interesting feature for Visitors to check out, with a musuem of this world renowned Carver Artist - who was tragically killed. The musuem is named in his honor, with many of his art works, along with a museum of lots of donated artifacts of Eskimo heritage - clothing, carvings, historical pictures, with lots of other old arifacts in ART. Very, very interesting place to visit while here!
P.O. Box 273
Dillingham, AK 99576
Phone: 907-842-5610

The ole cemeterys give an insight to the past folks during the back days of that influenza onset that nearly destroyed all, with so many young on the gravesites. It is a most interesting look into the past!
Visiting the many Beaches, at low tides, to see the 100's of subsistence Nets to catch the Famous Sockeye Salmon & King Salmon in the nets, right there at your walking footsteps & see how they haul in the nets by hand & pick the many fish! This is just another interesting sight to view while here in Dillingham. We also have many walking paths along the area, to view the Boat Harbor, or just bicycle along the paths! The scenic route to Lake Aleganik is a gorgeous drive, about 21 miles of road, right to the Lake front. An offset road from there, at about 16 miles, is the road to Snake Lake - another gorgeous site to see, where you can see Moose walking about in the areas, or a Bear or two. Amazing untouched road area to that lake!
If hiking or going on foot anywhere into these areas, we suggest a Bear warning sheet of information, to pick up at the local Fish & Wildlife office, to insure safety to all who enjoy hikes, walks or bicycling into these areas. We have not no incidences of anyone being hurt here, but these classes and/or information packet is of great interest to have with a traveler into the wilderness areas!

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Economy & Industry

Dillingham economy:
Commercial fishing, fish processing, cold storage and support of the fishing industry. 294 residents hold commercial fishing permits though fishing is not as important in the economy as it once was. Tourism is fast becoming a major portion of the economy with the spring and summer population doubling. Dillingham is also a regional center for government in this area.
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