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The Alaska state capital is Juneau.

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Statistics & Facts

The population of Yakutat is approximately 680 (2004), 662 (2010).
The approximate number of families is 189 (1990), 270 (2010).

The amount of land area in Yakutat is 7.572 sq. kilometers.
The amount of surface water is 12.124 sq kilometers.
The distance from Yakutat to Washington DC is 3345 miles. The distance to the Alaska state capital is 237 miles. (as the crow flies)
Yakutat is positioned 59.55 degrees north of the equator and 139.76 degrees west of the prime meridian.

Yakutat per capita income is $22,579 (2000).
Yakutat median income is $46,786 (2000).

Yakutat miscellany.

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Yakutat location: 212 miles northwest of Juneau and 225 miles southeast of Cordova on a narrow neck of mountainous terrain connecint southeast Alaska with the rest of the state.

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The geography for Yakutat is at the mouth of Yakutat Bay, one of the few refuges for vessels along this stretch of coast. The Hubbard and Malaspina Glaciers are nearby.

Mount St. Elias, 18,008 feet high, is the second tallest peak in the United States.

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Climate & Weather

The climate for Yakutat is maritime with mostly mild and rainy weather. Summer temperatures run from about 42 to 60 while winter temperatures range from 17 to 39. The area has very heavy precipitation, among the highest numbers in the state.
Yakutat average annual precipitation is 132 inches per year.
Yakutat average annual snowfall is 219 inches per year.
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History & History Related Items

Yakutat history:

Yakutat means the place where the canoes rest. Many explorers came here in the 18th and 19th centuries. Much trapping was done for the local fur trade, particulary that of the sea otters. In 1805, The Russians built a facility to handle the pelts but would not let the local Natives to harvest them. This brought great unrest to the region until a war party destroyed the facility. As the years went by, gold miners came, schools were opened, a sawmill was built, a cannery and the railroad were built. The cannery, built around 1903 brought many new residents to the area. It finally closed in 1970. The city was founded in 1948 but was dissolved when a Borough was organized instead. The Borough is both the city and the borough government.
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Yakutat attractions:

Yakutat has a school, health center, sewage treatment plant, a water system, a landfill. It is accessible only by air and by sea. A seaplane base is nearby. There are two jet runways, one of concrete and one of asphalt. Other smaller airstrips are available in the area. During some periods of the year, very rough seas in the Gulf of Alaska prevent the ferry service from operating.

The Hubbard Glacier

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Economy & Industry

Yakutat economy: mainly dependent on the fishing industry and government services. There are a number of commercial fishing operations here. Much sea food processing also occurs here. Tourism is also a large factor, particularly with recreational fishing and hunting.
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