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Welcome to Sandy's Giftshop.
235 Wesley Childers Road
Newhope, Alabama 35760
Sandy's Giftshop is 0wned & 0perated by Sandra & Larry Brockway and has been open since November of 1989. At the time the shop opened, my Wife, Sandra, for whom the shop is named, had M/S and I worked at a company called Onan in Madison which was going out of business. But even though my wife had M/S at that time She still managed to keep the shop open pretty much every day Mon - Sat for 1 year . As time went by, Onan went out ofbusiness - so my job was gone. But even before Onan went out of business, I could tell my wife's M/S was getting worse, which is another reason Sandy's giftshop was opened in the first place. I could tell my wife was going to need someone to stay with her. We opened the shop as a means of income so maybe I could afford to stay home and take care of her. However, due to like of response and caring on our neighbor's part, I've had to seek other employment .My wife is at the point now to where she falls all the time. The shop is open now by appointment only.

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