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Pell City
Saint Clair County, Alabama

35125, 35128

"Alabama's Pleasant Surprise!"

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Statistics & Facts

The Alabama state capital is Montgomery.
The population of Pell City is approximately 8,118 (1990), 12695 (2010).
The approximate number of families is 3,557 (1990), 5149 (2010).
The amount of land area in Pell City is 51.329 sq. kilometers.
The amount of surface water is 6.574 sq kilometers.
The distance from Pell City to Washington DC is 653 miles.
The distance to the Alabama state capital is 83 miles. (as the crow flies)
Pell City is positioned 33.56 degrees north of the equator and 86.27 degrees west of the prime meridian.
The average winter temperature is 39 degrees F.
The average summer temperature is 82 degrees F.


in central Alabama 30 miles east of Birmingham
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History & History Related Items

Credited with "founding" Pell City, Sumter Cogswell, an insurance agent, passed through the area in 1890. He loved the natural beauty here so much that he organized the Pell City Iron and Land Company, which bought the land and incorporated the new town in 1891. A couple of years later, he once again came to town and found it nearly deserted after the panic of 1893-94. This time, he made sure it would work and bought the town himself. He was a major supporter of Pell City for the rest of his life.

The town expanded in 1956 when the nearby towns of Eden and Oak Ridge were merged with Pell City. In 1964, the Logan Martin Dam was built forming Logan Martin Lake with 275 miles of shoreline.

In 1956 there was more growth when the neighboring towns of Eden and Oak Ridge mergedwith Pell City. In 1964, all that changed when Logan Martin Dam was built forming a lake with 275 miles of shoreline, so beautifully curved that it was christened "The Lake of a Thousand Coves." 1989, there were 8500 citizens. Less than ten years later, the population reached 16,000.
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The incorporation of Pell City

May 6, 1891


Logan Martin Lake, built in 1964, has 275 miles of shoreline with all types of recreation available. In Pell City, you can go to the lake on your lunch-hour! The lake has 275 miles of shoreline and is also known as "The Lake of a Thousand Coves."

Pell City Beach promotion page

Learn more about St Clair County and the area.

Pell City, Al. is the home of Jeanie Pruiett, she did the song "SatinSheets"

Pell City is the home of baseball pitcher Todd Jones of the DetroitTigers
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Pell City City Government

City of Pell City
1905 1st Ave. N
Pell City, Alabama 35125
Phone: 205-338-2244
Fax: 205-338-2320

Pell City Senior Citizen Bldg.
801 Comer Ave.
Pell City, Alabama 35125
Phone: 205-338-6589

Pell City is one of two county seats for St. Clair County.

St. Clair County Economic Development Council
308 Martin Street North, Suite 100
Pell City, Alabama 35125
Phone: (205) 814-1440

Pell City Chamber

Pell City Chamber of Commerce
1610 Cogswell Ave.
Pell City, Alabama 35125-1671
Phone: 205-338-3377

Pell City Community Events

September Annual Event
St. Clair County ARES/RACES
place: Pell City, National Guard Armory
time: 8:00 am
sponsored by: The St. Clair County ARES/RACES
Our annual Pell City Hamfest, Free Admission, Free Parking, Free tables for vendors.

Pell City Organizations

Pell City Chamber of Commerce
1610 Cogswell Ave.
Pell City, Alabama 35125-1671
Phone: 205-338-3377

Pell City Libraries

Pell City Library
1923 1st Ave. N
Pell City, Alabama 35125-1663
Phone: 205-884-1015

Pell City Schools

Pell City Board of Education
25 12th St.
Pell City, Alabama 35125-1227
Phone: 205-884-4440

Pell City High School
1200 Cogswell Ave.
Pell City, Alabama 35125-1299
Phone: (205) 338-2250

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