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The Arizona state capital is Phoenix.

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Statistics & Facts

The population of Goodyear is approximately 6,258 (1990), 65275 (2010).
The approximate number of families is 1,607 (1990), 21491 (2010).

The amount of land area in Goodyear is 297.94 sq. kilometers.
The amount of surface water is 0 sq kilometers.
The distance from Goodyear to Washington DC is 2100 miles. The distance to the Arizona state capital is 24 miles. (as the crow flies)
Goodyear is positioned 33.34 degrees north of the equator and 112.41 degrees west of the prime meridian.

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Goodyear location: On I-10 about 15 miles west of Phoenix, near Litchfield Park

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History & History Related Items

Goodyear history: The town of Goodyear was born as a result of the formation of the GoodyearAircraft Corporation(GAC) which came into existence in December 1939 asan offshoot of the earlier Goodyear-Zeppelin Corporation which builtlighter-than-air craft. The technology in light metal alloys developedfor use in the airships Akron and Macon was responsible for the firstmilitary contracts awarded to GAC. The Glenn L. Martin Company, whichproduced the B-26 Maurader bomber, asked Goodyear to design and buildthe ailerons and flaps for the B-26. The U.S. economy accelerated underorders for war commodities in Europe and Goodyear expanded production tokeep pace.GAC's successful work as an airframe builder was noticed byseveral major aircraft manufacturers and thus received early contracts towork on the Grumman TBF-1 Avenger torpedo bomber, the Curtiss-WrightP-40 Warhawk fighter, Navy patrol blimps and training blimps. Othercontracts that followed included providing bags for smokeless powder usedin large guns, building various control surfaces for the Martin PBM-3DMariner flying boat, components of the PB2Y-3R Coronado long-rangeflying boat, and later the complete production of over 4,000 Navy FG-1Corsair fighters within a two year period. In the summer of 1941, theGoodyear Aircraft Corporation began construction on a large aircraftcomponent factory at a site about 4 miles south of Litchfield Park inwhat is now the town of Goodyear. Production began in the finished plantin February 1942 with 500 workers on the payroll. Through the war years,payroll grew rapidly and by early 1945 the facility had 7,500 workers. The Goodyear plant was financed by the government and leased back toGAC. Later in the war years GAC would supply a myriad of components forwar planes including the B-29 Superfortress , the B-24 Liberator bomber,the P-61 Black Widow fighter, and various land machines and equipmentincluding hundreds of millions of tires for aircraft and land vehicles,life rafts, rubber pontoons for bridges, and 132 Navy lighter-than-airships for coastal defense. The GAC plant at Goodyear, AZ continued tooperate well into the post-war years building blimps and eventuallyproducing components for an array of military missiles. The largeairstrip and a number of the production buildings remain today. (History by Bill Jones)
The settling of Goodyear: 1939
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