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"Valley of the Sun"

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Statistics & Facts


in north-central Arizona
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warm and sunny. There are 300 days of sunshine each year. The average humidity for Phoenix is 28%
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enjoyable. The Winter is Springlike. There are warm, sunny days and cool nights.
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History & History Related Items

A Phoenix history page Out of the Ashes with much information and photos.

The Hohokam Indians were the first known settlers in the Salt River Valley. They survived by building irrigation ditches. They mysteriously disappeared from the area in the 1400's. In 1864, a man named John Smith established a hay camp to supply forage to Fort McDowell 30 miles away. By 1868, a small colony had formed approximately four miles east of the present city. Swilling's Mill became the new name of the area. It was then changed to Helling Mill, after which it became Mill City, and years later, East Phoenix. Swilling, having been a confederate soldier, wanted to name the new settlement Stonewall after Stonewall Jackson. Others suggested the name Salina, but neither name suited the inhabitants. It was Darrell Duppa who suggested the name Phoenix, inasmuch as the new town would spring from the ruins of a former civilization just as the legendary Phoenix rose up from the ashes. Phoenix became the trade center of the southwest by 1879. It became a wild, lawless western cowboy town. Phoenix has overcome its riotous beginnings. The 1900's brought much progress. In 1911, the Salt River Project, Roosevelt Dam, was completed This project helped the desert blossom. In 1926, the Southern Pacific Railroad connected the city with the east bringing people much easier to the west. The advent of air conditioning helped the desert heat more bearable and allowing great expansion of the area. Phoenix is the capital city of Arizona and continues to grow and expand greatly.
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The settling of Phoenix


The founding of Phoenix


The incorporation of Phoenix

Feb. 25, 1881.


Arizona Vacation Guide

There are many places to go and things to see in the area. Among these are:
The Arts in Phoenix
Arizona Chamber Symphony
Arizona Opera (also in Tucson)
Desert Botanical Garden
Chandler Center for the Arts
Heard Museum of Anthropology and Primitive Arts
Grady Gammage Auditorium (at ASU)
Nelson Fine Arts Center (at ASU)
Phoenix Art Museum
Phoenix Symphony
Arizona Science Center
Phoenix Zoo
Red River Opry
Taliesin West, former summer home of famed architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.
Symphony Hall
home to the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra, Arizona Opera, Ballet Arizona and Southwest Dance.home of the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra and Arizona Opera , as well as the site for Broadway
225 E. Adams St.
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Phone: (602) 262-6225
Fax: (602) 495-3642

The Rossom House
Phoenix Arizona
Historical Walking Tours available.
Built in 1895 and located at the Original Phoenix townsite

Outdoor recreation abounds in the area. Among the offerings are:
The Arizona Cardinals (NFL Football)
Games at the Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe.
Phone: 480-379-0102

Phoenix Suns (NBA Basketball)
Phone: 602-379-7867

Arizona Diamondbacks (Major League Baseball)
Phone: 602-514-8400

Phoenix Coyotes (NHL Hockey)
Phone: 480-473-5600

Arizona Rattlers (Arena Football)
Phone: 514 TDTD (8383) or 602-379-7878

Cactus League
(professional baseball spring training)
Phone: 480-827-4700
Toll-free: 800-283-6372

Phoenix Mercury
Women's National Basketball Association
Phone: 602-503-5555 (tickets)
Phone: 602-340-0001

Arizona State University Sports Information
Phone: 480-965-2381

Professional golf tournaments during the season
Phoenix Greyhound Park Racing
Phoenix International Raceway
Golf Courses - 25 within 15 minutes
The Fiesta Bowl
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Phoenix City Government

City of Phoenix

Phoenix has a council-manager form of government. The council is made up of a mayor and eight council members who are elected for four-year terms.

Maricopa County
contact maricopa county -

Phoenix Historical Events

2000, May 24
Students of Apollo College Rescue of a Police Officer's Life and Become Red Cross "Real Heroes 2000"
PHOENIX - On May 24th, 2000 at 7:00-9:00 a.m. at the Arizona Biltmore Breakfast, The Red Cross will be present Apollo College student Ruthie Evans and her classmates the "REAL HEROES 2000" award.

On September 16th Apollo College student Ruthie Evans and her classmates were listening to a lecture in the Respiratory Therapist Program when suddenly they heard a loud explosion on I-17 between Dunlap & Northern. The students ran from their classroom to the roadside where they viewed a downed Police Officer lying in the middle of traffic. In route to a 911, call Officer Bill Shantz had hit the median wall in front of Apollo College on I-17 freeway at high speed and was thrown from his motorcycle and knocked unconscious.

The Apollo students were the first on the scene to respond with their emergency training in CPR and First Aid. "First, I quickly stabilized him then began administering CPR," said Ruthie Evans. "The students continued talking to me the whole time, telling me I was going to make it. This was comforting to hear when I was not sure of my injuries," said Officer Shantz. The other Apollo students called the paramedics and the emergency crews directing them to the scene.

Once paramedics arrived at the scene, they then took over the rescue operation. Officer Shantz was rushed to the emergency room where emergency crews were complimentary to the students on their life saving techniques. The emergency crews said the officer was going into shock and it was the student's intervention that had helped him hang on.

The following month a ceremony for the four heroes was held at the Phoenix Campus. Officers of the Police Department presented them with a Humanitarian Award. Recovering Officer Shantz and his wife attended the ceremony while she thanked the students for saving her husband. Laughs, hugs & flowers were exchanged as the students checked out the officer's injuries. "I love them all," said Officer Shantz. "This was the most rewarding thing we have ever done. It was a total adrenaline rush for me" said Ruthie Evans. Covered by helicopter and broadcast on all Phoenix TV News Stations, The students say they are proud of what they have done and especially proud of their award.

Phoenix Mustangs
West Coast Hockey League
The Mustangs played here as a minor league ice hockey team from 1997 - 2001.
The Arizona Thunder was an Indoor Soccer Team that played here for several years.

Phoenix Chamber

Phoenix Chamber of Commerce website
201 N. Central Ave. #2700
Phoenix, Arizona 85073-0073
Phone: (602) 254-5521
Fax: 602-495-8913

The Chamber of Commerce in Phoenix has several locations

Phoenix Community Events

Community Calendar

Phoenix Organizations

Phoenix Chamber of Commerce website
201 N. Central Ave. #2700
Phoenix, Arizona 85073-0073
Phone: (602) 254-5521
Fax: 602-495-8913

The Chamber of Commerce in Phoenix has several locations

Phoenix Libraries

Phoenix Public Library

Phoenix Schools

Maricopa County Schools


Apollo College offers certificate and degree programs ranging from four months to two years of study.
The college has 6 locations: North Phoenix, West Phoenix, Mesa, Tuscon (all in Arizona). Additional facilities are located in Portland, Oregon and Spokane, Washington.
North Phoenix, Arizona location:
Phoenix Campus
Phoenix, Arizona 85051
8503 North 27th Avenue
Phone: (602)864-1571

West Phoenix, Arizona location:
Westside Campus
2701 West Bethany Home Rd.
Phoenix, Arizona 85017
Phone: (602) 433-1333 Phoenix


All of Arizona is on the Mountain Standard Time - year round. When other parts of the country go on daylight savings time, Arizona remains on standard time.

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