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Baker is an unincorporated area in San Bernardino County. It was first a station on the Tonopah and Tidewater Railroad in 1908 and was named for the president of that railroad at the time, R.C. Baker. The town was actually founded by Ralph Jacobus Fairbanks in 1929. Here is a history page for Baker.

As of the 2000 Census, Baker has around 914 residents.

Baker is located in the Mojave Desert and reaches fairly high temperatures during the summer months. A record high for Baker was reached in 2007 at 125 degrees F. Nearby Death Valley had a record high temperature of 134 degrees F. in 1913. This is the highest temperature ever recorded. The elevation is about 930 feet above sea level. It is at the southern end of the Death Valley geological depression. Learn more about Baker at the chamber of commerce site. To the right is the view from I-15 coming down the hill from Nevada. Southwest of Baker are the Cronese Mountains.

Baker exists mainly because of tourism. I-15 goes along side the town. Also people travelling into the Death Valley National Park or the Mojave National Preserve pass through Baker. Border cities in Nevada have expanded in recent years, taking away some of Baker's motel and restaurant trade. However, it is a popular place to stop and rest and eat in the desert.

The world's tallest thermometer is located here in Baker and is highly visable from I-15. Even though it isn't really a thermometer but a sign, you can still see how hot it is. The thermometer is 134 feet tall and can go up to 134 degrees in the display. Gateway to Death Valley is the motto for Baker.

You can buy "Alien Jerky" here in Baker. The store has all types and other alien "things." Most people say it is pretty good jerky!

Baker Community Services District coordinates and many of the local services such as water, fire protection, road maintenance and more. Children in Baker are served by the Baker Valley Unified School District.

View of some of the businesses in Baker (2008)

2010 road trip

There are lots of places to eat in Baker!

The United States Flag flies prominantly in Baker!

The famous Baker Thermometer is still here in Baker and still functioning. This day it was over 100 F.

The thermometer can be seen for miles from either direction coming into Baker, especially coming down the hill going south on I-15


Crossing a wash in the middle of town

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