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The California state capital is Sacramento.

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Statistics & Facts

The population of Loma Linda is approximately 21,286 (1994), 23261 (2010).
The approximate number of families is 6,524 (1990), 8764 (2010).

The amount of land area in Loma Linda is 18.108 sq. kilometers.
The amount of surface water is 0 sq kilometers.
The distance from Loma Linda to Washington DC is 2371 miles. The distance to the California state capital is 393 miles. (as the crow flies)
Loma Linda is positioned 34.04 degrees north of the equator and 117.24 degrees west of the prime meridian.

Loma Linda miscellany.

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History & History Related Items

Loma Linda history:

This community began as Mound City, but soon the doctors there chose the Spanish words for "beautiful hill." Loma Linda shares this name with many communities in South America.

Incorporated in 1970, Loma Linda is proud to be at the forefront as more communities are seeing the need to become environmentally aware. In 1990, Loma Linda initiated the first city-wide residential curbside recycling program in the Inland Empire. The City Government recently implemented an alternative work schedule to reduce the number of work trips required by City employees. Though not required to do so by law, the City is attempting to do its part in improving air quality. The City's new Civic Center, opened in 1989, provides a centralized location for the library, City Hall, Community Room and the Fire Station/Public Safety Complex.

Quality of life is important to the lifelong residents of Loma Linda and it is probably just as important to you, too. The people of Loma Linda are committed to sustaining the positive aspects of their community, but welcome the fresh outlook and creative ideas that new residents and businesses can bring to a community. Much of Loma Linda's past and future can be summed up in the title of the book, Sunshine, Citrus and Science, which chronicles the growth of the City, as an outpost of the San Gabriel Mission, to the City of today known worldwide for medical accomplishments and higher education. The tenacious will and industrious spirit of those who introduced citrus crops into the area, and the visionary philosophy of those who nurtured the College of Medical Evangelists into the world renowned Loma Linda University Medical Center, can still be seen in the Loma Linda of today. Loma Linda is proud of its past, yet poised to continue in the advancement of education and medical science. The preservation of the unique culture of the area is important to the people of Loma Linda, but the community is also striving to attain a diverse and vigorous economic base as Loma Linda moves into the next century.

The incorporation date of Loma Linda: 1970

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