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The California state capital is Sacramento.

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Statistics & Facts

The distance from New Almaden to Washington DC is 2545 miles. The distance to the California state capital is 95 miles. (as the crow flies)
New Almaden is positioned 37.18 degrees north of the equator and 121.82 degrees west of the prime meridian.

New Almaden elevation is 440 feet above sea level.
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New Almaden location: At the southern most end of San Francisco Bay, about 9 miles SSE of San Jose

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Climate & Weather

The weather in New Almaden is great with more than 300 sunny days each year.
New Almaden average temperature is (Spring) 61, (Summer) 70, (Fall) 62, (Winter) 50 degrees F.
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History & History Related Items

New Almaden history:

New Almaden was named for the Almaden mercury-producing mines in Spain. The local Ohlone Indians dug up the cinnabar here for their red paint. This ore, cinnabar or mercury sulfide, was the first mineral discovery in California and eventually became the richest mine in the state. By 1845, Andres Castillero had been granted title to the lands. In 1846, The Barron, Forbes Co. took over the land and began mining operations. They operated many furnaces to extract out the mercury. The mines operated until the early 1970's. Many homes from the mining days are still standing today. Most of the owners, workers and others associated with the mines, lived in New Almaden. Some of the historical sites are the New Almaden Community Club, the Hacienda Hotel site and the Hacienda Cemetery.

A history page about the mines. Another good history on the mines of the area.
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New Almaden attractions:

The Almaden Quicksilver Mining Museum
New Almaden Quicksilver County Park
21350 Almaden Road
New Almaden, CA 95042
Phone: (408) 323-1107
This page has lots of great historical pictures of New Almaden La Casa Grande
Built in 1854 as a hotel, this building was the home of the mine manager. Later, in 1981, the county purchased the building. It is now the home of the Quicksilver Mining Museum. The mines were extensive some going down hundreds of feet. The museum has maps showing this network of tunnels. The museum has mining artifacts and other memorabilia of the mining heyday of the area. A portion of the Perham collection may be viewed at the museum. This collection was in the Carson-Perham Adobe, built in 1848, the previous home to the Quicksilver museum.

The New Almaden Trail
This trail is the longest trail in the New Almaden Quicksilver County Park. It runs for 6.7 miles along the middle of the northeast slopes of the park from near the McAbee Road entrance to the Mockingbird Hill entrance of the park. Historic Places in New Almaden
This National Historic Landmark district was California's first mining operation--started in 1845, before the major Gold Rush of 1849. Mexican settler Antonio Sunol discovered ore deposits here in the 1820s, identified as quicksilver by Mexican Army officer Andreas Castillero in 1845

New Almaden Mine

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