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Statistics & Facts

The California state capital is Sacramento.
The population of Redding is approximately 80,865 (2000), 89861 (2010).
The approximate number of families is 34,926 (2000), 36130 (2010).
The amount of land area in Redding is 132.669 sq. kilometers.
The amount of surface water is 2.74 sq kilometers.
The distance from Redding to Washington DC is 2492 miles.
The distance to the California state capital is 150 miles. (as the crow flies)
Redding is positioned 40.57 degrees north of the equator and 122.36 degrees west of the prime meridian.
Redding elevation is 557 feet above sea level.
Redding median income is $ 37,700.
The Redding median home price is $ 154,062.
Redding average annual precipitation is 22 inches peryear.
The average low temperature is (winter) 30-40 degrees F.
The average high temperature is (winter) 50, (summer) 90 degrees F.


in Northern California on Interstate 5 between the Cascades and the Trinity Alps
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75% days of sunshine per year. There is only a little snow in the winter.
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moderate. The area receives only trace amounts of snowfall.
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History & History Related Items

Two names stand out in Redding's history. The first is Pierson B. Reading. He was one of the pioneers of the lumber industry in Shasta County. He began lumbering in 1843. He and his partner received a Spanish land grant for 26,000 acres near the Sacramento River. He built a home and settled in, also planting the state's first cotton and Northern California's first grapevines. By 1862, he had mapped out a town near the mouth of Clear Creek and the Sacramento River. In 1872 the railroad arrived in Redding. With the RR came a man named Benjamin Redding, who was a land agent for the Central Pacific railroad. The railhead started to develop, and with this development the legislature named the town Reading after its founder. The railroad was not happy with this choice and would not recognize the name. They wanted the town named after their agent, Redding. Finally in 1880, everyone gave in and the town was given the railroad's choice of names. At that time, there were 9,492 residents in Redding. In 1884, it became the county seat. From 1880 until after World War II, Redding grew steadily but slowly. At this time, other industries were added to the already established lumber and wood products industries. Redding also became a gateway city to large recreational area that surrounded it. The Sacramento River flows through Redding, adding to the town's recreational value.
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The founding of Redding



The Redding Arboretum
Please call for information - 916-243-5457

Shasta State Historic Park
Museum open year-round
Call: 916-243-8194

Redding Museum of Art & History
Call ofr more information: 530-243-8801

Shasta Dam Tours
12 miles north of Redding
Tour information: 530-275-4463

Carter House Natural Science Museum
1701 Rio Drive in Caldwell Park
Information: 530-243-5457

Road Conditions in the Redding area: 1-800-427-7623

Learn more about Redding and the area.
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Economy & Industry

based on tourism, mining, lumbering and farming
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Redding City Government

City of Redding

Redding has a City Council/City Manager type of government.

Redding Municipal Airport
Phone: 530-224-4321

Redding Chamber

Greater Redding Chamber of Commerce
Serving Redding, Anderson, Shasta Lake and Shasta County
747 Auditorium Dr.
Redding, CA 96001
(530) 225-4433
FAX: (530) 225-4398

Redding Organizations

Greater Redding Chamber of Commerce
Serving Redding, Anderson, Shasta Lake and Shasta County
747 Auditorium Dr.
Redding, CA 96001
(530) 225-4433
FAX: (530) 225-4398

Redding Libraries

Shasta County Library
Main Library
1855 Shasta St.
Redding, CA
Phone: 530-225-5754
Hours for the library
librarian: Carolyn Chambers (7-02)

Redding Schools

Shasta County Office of Education
1644 Magnolia Avenue
Redding, CA. 96001
Main Office
Phone: (530) 225-0200
Fax: (530) 225-0299 Redding


The population of Redding was:
1990 - 66,462
2000 - 80,865

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