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Online Butler County
Internet levels the playing field as rural Iowa competes with the city for business. Does that get your attention? It sure got mine and I'm here to help you make the next move in advertising on the Internet.

Any rural business that wants to be viable into the next century has to sit down and do some planning. Rural Iowa businesses need to tell the world they are there and to let others know what rural Iowa has to offer. The first thing someone checks when they are thinking of moving to a new community is a web page. If you want to be a progressive business, you have to pay attention to technology.

Web pages must go beyond public relations, they must offer services. Small businesses are realizing they've got to get on a web page. That's where Online Butler County starts the process.

Online Butler County is a directory of businesses in Butler County. The start page has a listing of each city in the county where someone can click on a city and see what businesses are listed. On each city page, there is a map link showing where the city is located and also a weather link showing the current weather in that city. Each business also has a map link to show their physical location of the business. Click on a business name and their web page comes up, listing the business hours, phone number, address, and what the business does. Web pages can be just a single page with basic information or as many pages as you feel necessary. It's all up to YOU!

Online Butler County is dedicated to serve Butler County businesses for years to come. Internet advertising is the fastest growing advertising media on the planet. Do you want to be left behind? Please call me at 319.267.2338 to set up a appointment at your convenience. I look forward to helping your business grow into the 21st Century.

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