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Just like in the home town paper, your local news items can be published., But, this publication will go around the world. Tell everyone about Kari's great report card, or Kent's latest discovery. How about your vacation, or how your child's baseball team is doing. Maybe Grandma and Grandpa on the other side of the country would like to know how everyone is doing in Flanagan.

Flanagan, Illinois Community News

Looking for Photo!
Looking for a photo of John R. Litchfield, born 7 March 1899 at Flanagan, Ill. died 15 September 1918 near Thiacourt, France. As a Navy pharmacist's mate serving with the 6th Regiment, USMC, he displayed exceptional bravery in treating the wounded while under shellfire. He was killed attempting to remove a casualty from a frontline trench and posthumously awarded the Distinguished Service Cross. A US Navy Ship was named for John R. Litchfield.
I have a power point presentation that features all 14 ships named for Navy Hospital Corpsman. I am trying to find photos of the Sailors that the ships are named for. I am hoping that descendants of this Navy hero may have a photo that can be authenticated to be used in the presentation and a website dedicated to the history of the hospital corps.
Please email or write if you can help me.
Donald W. Griffiths
Leading Chief Petty Officer
Branch Medical Clinic, Gaeta
PSC 811, Box 179
FPO AE 09609
Email: dgriffiths@nah10.med.navy.mil

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