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Statistics & Facts


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Statistics & Facts

The Illinois state capital is Springfield.
The population of Nilwood is approximately 282 (2002), 239 (2010).
The approximate number of families is 95 (1990), 93 (2010).
The amount of land area in Nilwood is 1.204 sq. kilometers.
The amount of land area in Nilwood is 0.5 sq. miles.
The amount of surface water is 0 sq kilometers.
The distance from Nilwood to Washington DC is 726 miles.
The distance to the Illinois state capital is 27 miles. (as the crow flies)
Nilwood is positioned 39.39 degrees north of the equator and 89.80 degrees west of the prime meridian.
Nilwood elevation is 670 feet above sea level.
Nilwood median income is $ 32,386 (2000).
The Nilwood median home price is $ 52,200 (2000).
Nilwood average annual precipitation is 37.2 inches peryear.
Nilwood average annual snowfall is 32 inches per year.
The average winter temperature is 26.6 degrees F.
The average spring temperature is 54.5 degrees F.
The average summer temperature is 76.9 degrees F.
The average fall temperature is 56.7 degrees F.


in west central Illinois about 28 miles from Springfield. Other nearby communities include Standard City, Girard, Virden, Carlinville, Thayer, Waggoner, Farmersville and Palmyra.
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History & History Related Items

The Village of Nilwood received its name from the railroad that ran through town. When the train would make stops in town to get wood for the furnace, Nilwood never had any wood for the trains, therefore it received the name of Nilwood.

The Carbon Coal Mine, operated and owned by John Bennyworth, opened in 1873. The mine was briefly closed in 1908 and then permanently closed in 1920.

Here is a history page for Nilwood.
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Nilwood City Government

Village of Nilwood
Phone 217-627-2231
Fax 217-627-2231

Village officials - 25 Aug 2005
President is Richard Bivin
City treasurer is Bonnie Otken
City Clerk is Christy Waters
Trustees are: Judy Behme, Paul Buhl, Craig Bridges, Paul Woolsey, Galyn Ruyle
(This data may be out of date. Changes may be sent to keep names current.) Nilwood


The population of Nilwood was:
1990 - 238
2000 - 284
2002 - 282

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