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Statistics & Facts

The Kansas state capital is Topeka.
The population of Shawnee is approximately 47,760 (1990), 62209 (2010).
The approximate number of families is 15,217 (1990), 23651 (2010).
The amount of land area in Shawnee is 108.236 sq. kilometers.
The amount of surface water is 2.072 sq kilometers.
The distance from Shawnee to Washington DC is 1009 miles.
The distance to the Kansas state capital is 50 miles. (as the crow flies)
Shawnee is positioned 39.01 degrees north of the equator and 94.80 degrees west of the prime meridian.

History & History Related Items

Shawnee derives its name from the Shawnee Indians. The settlement was originally known as Gum Springs.
1803 - The Shawnee area is acquired by the U.S. as part of the Louisiana Purchase
1825 - The Shawnee Indian treaties are signed, removing the Shawnee from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Missouri to Kansas. Johnson County becomes their headquarters. Over the next 10 years, Shawnee from different parts of the country come to the reservation.
1830 - A smallpox epidemic kills most of the Shawnee.
1843 - The 1st territorial jail is built, which remains on the square in Shawnee until 1966, when it torn down, rock by rock, and rebuilt as the 1st building in Old Shawnee Town.
1854 - The Kansas Territory opens up for white settlement.
1856 - Shawneetown is incorporated on August 10, 1856.
1858 - James Butler ("Wild Bill Hickock") is elected constable of Monticello Township at the age of 18.
1858 - 1st post office established in Shawnee
1875 - Shawnee Indians again pushed west, this time to the Shawnee Reservation in Oklahoma.
1912 - Women gain the right to vote in Kansas.
1922 - Re-incorporated as Shawnee, a city of the 3rd class, on June 10, 1922.
1957 - Incorporated as Shawnee, a city of the 2nd class, on January 29, 1957.
1971 - Incorporated as a city of the 1st class, on October 22, 1971.
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The incorporation of Shawnee

August 10, 1856


Veteran's Tribute
Wonderscope Children's Museum
Old Shawnee Town
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Shawnee City Government

Shawnee, Kansas website

Shawnee Schools

De Soto Unified School District 232
35200 West 91st Street
De Soto, Kansas 66018
Phone: (913) 583-8300

Clear Creek Elementary
5815 Monticello Road
Shawnee, KS 66226
Office: (913) 422-8700
Fax: (913) 422-3484

Mill Valley High School
5900 Monticello Rd.
Shawnee, KS 66226
Phone: (913)-422-4351
Fax: (913)-422-4039

Mize Elementary
7301 Mize Road
Shawnee, KS 66227
Phone: (913)-441-0880
Fax: (913)-441-9452

Monticello Trails Middle School
6100 Monticello Road
Shawnee, KS 66226
Phone: (913)-422-1100
Fax: (913)-422-4990

Riverview Elementary
21550 W. 47th St.
Shawnee, KS 66226
913-441-0808 - office

Woodsonia Kindergarten Center
5515 Highway K-7
Shawnee, KS 66226
Phone: (913)-441-4707
Fax: (913)-441-6421

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