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Chelmsford, Massachusetts Community News

2000, June
I grew up in N. Chelmsford, MA
My name is Dorothy Clawson. I grew up in N. Chelmsford, Ma. I went to high school in the old Chelmsford High. I am 58 and live in Michigan - have for 30+ years. I would like to see some pictures of the old buildings and especially, the Episcopal Church there. The name of it was All Saints Episcopal Church. I went there as a very little girl, my parents married there as well as my husband and myself. My dad's funeral services were in the new part of the church. I remember the rectory off of the right side of the church. We were married in the older part of the church. Is there any site where I can "visit" this wonder-ful old church? I have great memories of this church. Also, does anybody remember Ruby and Rose Emery's bakery there. They are both "gone" now. But they made my wedding cake and made my husband-to-be many loaves of bread. I still can smell that warm and wonderful bakery. Hope someone can find the time to e'mail me.
Thanks, Dot from Michigan

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