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Just like in the home town paper, your local news items can be published., But, this publication will go around the world. Tell everyone about Kari's great report card, or Kent's latest discovery. How about your vacation, or how your child's baseball team is doing. Maybe Grandma and Grandpa on the other side of the country would like to know how everyone is doing in Baltimore.

Baltimore, Maryland Community News

12 April 2015 - Man Dies In Hospital Of Spinal Injuries After Being Arrested By Police. Freddie Gray was apprehended by police when he started running from them for no apparent reason. The police new of him from other instances of crime that he had been charged with in the past, so when he started running for no apparent reason they wanted to question him. After Gray was caught and searched the police found, what they thought was an illegal knife found hidden in his clothing. They then handcuffed Gray and called for a police van to transport him. Gray was screaming and uncooperative as he was being held waiting for the van, and apparently asked for medical attention. While he was being transported he called for help and wanted medical attention but did not receive it until (36 minutes after he was apprehended)at the police station. The police called for an ambulance (because Gray was suffering from a "medical emergency") which transported Gray from the police station to the hospital. Prior to being loaded into the van he was alert, talking and actively resisting the police officers. Gray was admitted to the hospital in critical condition, which turned out to include a broken neck. He died a week later in the hospital.

The police officers involved with this incedent were soundly criticised by some city officials as well as members of the community. Gray being black turned the community outrage in to civil disobedience and even rioting in the streets. Some of the officials that were critical of the officers were also unprofessional by publicly speaking out against the officers while the officers were waiting for trial.

It turned out that prosecution of the officers by the State Attorney General was an over reach and to date(1 Aug 2016) all charges have either been dropped or officers have been acquitted at trial. It's not clear why the State Attorney General was not more diligent in treating the police officers fairly. Some of the officers have sued Marilyn Mosby (The State Attorney General) for defamation and false arrest.

The officers(and their families), after suffering a year of emotional and financial stress, now(Aug 2016) have to face an internal affairs review. The review is to determine if any of the officers violated department policy having to do with the time that they were dealing with Gray. The officers are currently on administrative duty(not on patrol) with pay and have filed for back pay.


14 July 2016 - Man shot by police after the police were fired upon. The police were responding to shots fired when they were fired at by the man. The officers were in their car with the windows rolled down and heard the shots of an ar-15 rifle. The officers drove towards the shooting and were fired upon as they approached the Man(Dayten Ernest Harper) and returned fire, wounding him. Harper was apprehended some time later and taken to a hospital where he died. The two officers are on routing administrative leave during the investigation.

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