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"Westland - The Place to Be"

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Statistics & Facts

The Michigan state capital is Lansing.
The population of Westland is approximately 86,000+ (1998), 84094 (2010).
The approximate number of families is 34,514 (1990), 35886 (2010).
The amount of land area in Westland is 52.997 sq. kilometers.
The amount of land area in Westland is 20.42 sq. miles.
The amount of surface water is 0.013 sq kilometers.
The distance from Westland to Washington DC is 421 miles.
The distance to the Michigan state capital is 67 miles. (as the crow flies)
Westland is positioned 42.31 degrees north of the equator and 83.38 degrees west of the prime meridian.
Westland per capita income is $ 15,079.
Westland median income is $ 34,995.
The average winter temperature is 25 degrees F.
The average summer temperature is 72 degrees F.


in southeast Michigan in the Detroit Metropolitan area, next to the I-275 corridor.
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History & History Related Items

During the 1700's, this area was inhabited by the people of a Pottawatomi Indian Village. The "Tonquish Village" seen today is a remembrance of those days and Chief Tonquish. There was also a lake in this area during that time period. Being situated along the middle fork of the Rouge River has helped the area expand throughout its history.

Other tribes, particularly three Algonquin tribes, used the site to determine their hunting territories. A flour mill, which was restored by Henry Ford in 1918, was built in this same area. Once restored, the mill was used to make stencils for Ford car parts. Named Nankin Mills, this historic site is now used as a nature interpretive center and other community events.

Before becoming "Westland," the area had several names. Though white settlers did not begin to settle the area until about 1824, they began to arrive at the beginning of the 19th century. Before 1829, the area was know as Lima and Burklin Townships. At that time, it was named Nankin, after a Chinese Province. From this original township, Nankin was split four times, spinning off the villages of Livonia in 1853, Wayne in 1869 and Garden City in 1927. By 1960, Nankin's populace had increased greatly to 70,000, giving the area the distinction of being the world's largest township. It was because of this large growth that there was impetus for cityhood. In 1966, Nankin became and city. It was at this time that the name change was voted upon. Nankin officially became Westland!
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Westland City Government

City of Westland
36601 Ford Rd
Westland, MI 48185-2210
City Clerk Phone: 734-467-3185
Mayor's Office Phone: 734-467-3200

Westland has a strong mayor form of government, with a seven member city council.

Westland Police
36701 Ford Road
Westland, MI 48185
Phone: (734) 467-3226

Westland Chamber

Chamber of Commerce
36900 Ford Rd
Westland, MI 48185-2231
Phone: 734-326-7222
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Westland Community Events

A Community Events page. This is more than just a calendar!

Westland Organizations

Chamber of Commerce
36900 Ford Rd
Westland, MI 48185-2231
Phone: 734-326-7222
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Westland Libraries

William P Faust Public Library
6123 Central City Pkwy
Westland, MI 48185-9118
Phone: 734-326-6123

Wayne County Regional Library
30555 Michigan Ave
Westland, MI 48186-5310
Phone: 734-274-2600

Westland Schools

Wayne-Westland Community School District
36745 Marquette
Westland, MI 48185-3235
Phone: (734) 595-2000
Superintendent: (734) 595-2010 Westland


The population of Westland:
1990 - 84,724
1998 - 86,000+
2020 - 90,796 (projection)

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