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Christy Borgeld (1959- )

Grand Rapids, Michigan


"To succeed, you need to take that gut feeling in what you believe in and act on it with all your heart."

-- Christy Borgeld.

Christy Borgeld

Board of Director for SAA- Coordinator of Stepfamily Activities. My primary interest is helping to provide good resources and information to stepfamilies throughout the United States. Using the Internet as my primary method of communication, I have been promoting Stepfamily Day and a Stepfamily Day picnic that will include stepfamily members all over the country.

While I was raised in a nuclear family, I now live in a stepfamily. My husband had two children and I had four children. We now have one child together. I enjoy being involved with the schools our children attend. My hobbies include crafting of all kinds and collecting tins.


Coordinator of Stepfamily Activities, Stepfamily Association of America.

Current focus is on receiving endorsement for September 16th as Stepfamily Day(EST. 1997) from governors in all 50 states along with Co-Founder Debra Mogg. This September will mark the Fourth annual Stepfamily Day picnic organized in backyards and municipal parks by stepfamilies throughout the country.

Develops and maintains relationships with government on the federal, state and local levels as well as other professional groups for joint endeavors related to stepfamilies. This work was initially developed in my capacity as Director of Public Affairs for The Stepfamily Foundation in New York from 1997 until I left the Foundation in May 1999 and is being continued in my new position with SAA.

Stepfamily Day: Designed, developed and implemented a campaign, nation wide, to proclaim September 16 Stepfamily Day. Co-Founder Debra Mogg.

Stepfamily Association of American: Member since 1998.

Written Articles: on stepfamily issues have been published in various newsletters, newspapers, and magazine.

My Dedication to the American Stepfamilies July 1999

Presidents & Stepfamilies November 1998

American Stepfamilies September 1998

Discipline Vs Punishment June 1998

Feathers on our TurkeyOur Family Tradition November 1997

A Dedication to the American Stepfamilies September 1997

10 White Flag Solutions July 1997

Print Media Interviews Include:Your Stepfamily...Embrace The Journey,The Grand Rapids Press, Detroit Free Press, New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post, Grand Rapids Parent Magazine, Bride Again. Appeared and worked on commercials for Stepfamily Day (FOX), Blending a Stepfamily segment (NBC), Stepfamily Day Proclamation segment (NBC), Radio Interviews about Stepfamily Day (WOOD), National Stepfamily Day Picnic (PBS).

NHK Japan Broadcasting Network on a Documentary about American Stepfamilies. This will be aired in all of Asia in October.

National Stepfamily Day Picnic: Organizing a National Stepfamily Day picnic/

School Unity Week: Worked with Michigan's Governor Engler on a proclamation for School Unity Week, Third week in October. This proclamation is dedicated to Family, School, Community, all working together for the education of our children.

Awards and Recognitions:

Congressional Award in collaboration with Parenting Coalition International.

"Parenting Emmys," Award received in Washington D.C., Russell Senate Building on National Parents Day, July 26, 1999. The award reads: Lighting the Way to the New Millennium-National Parents Day 1999-PCI Award.

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