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Moonbows are beautiful but not in the colorful way that rainbows are beautiful. They are a delicate white with no "colors of the rainbow." They are kind of eerie and ghost-like - Especially, the first time you see one. They are rather faint and I doubt that you could ever see one if your observation point has a lot of light pollution, like in or near cities.

I suppose that they are observed in other parts of the world but if you ever travel to Kauai, Hawaii and the moon is full, look for them. I used to see them most often there when I was traveling west on the highway between Lihue and Hanapepe on the island of Kauai. Of course, the moon must be full and the time just a little after sunset.

Moonbows are seen when conditions are right.  Moonbows can be seen anywhere a full moon is rising and precipitation is opposite.   Corbin, Kentucky, at Cumberland Falls, is one of the places in the Western Hemisphere where a moonbow may be seen. Another place in the world to see a waterfall with a Moonbow is Victoria Falls in South Africa.

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