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Devils Lake, North Dakota Historical Events

Francis Elijah and Amos Lee Adams families
I have a old post card of a old school in Crary, North Dakota, taken around 1900. It was sent to my great grandfather, Jacob Hutton. The picture was found in her old treasures about 2 years ago. On the post card she wrote, This is where the kids go to school. This was all that was written on the post card but it has a stamp and is post marked.

There were two couples who traveled by train with their farm animals and farm equipment to Devils Lake, No Dakota, in 1905. They were Francis Elijah Adams and his new bride, Iva Elizabeth Hutton. Francis Elijah Adams had a brother Amos Lee Adams, He married Jessie Louellen Hutton. Iva Elizabeth and Jessie Louellen Hutton were sisters. They married the Adams brother's. Along with this fine couple, who were both newlyweds, was the Adams boys mother and two of her other children. One was married and had his young wife along. The mother was Emily Goodman Adams Johnson.

I have a book written by Amos Lee Adams daughter, Mable Clarice, about the trip to Devils Lake, No. Dakota. It gives so much history of that time told by her mother, Jessie Louellen Hutton Adams.

The families traveled back to Charleston, Hutton Twp., Coles Co. IL at different times after a very hard time of living in such harsh times. My grandparents returned home to Charleston, to their old farms around 1911 or 12.

My Husband and I traveled to the area in 1999 to find out why my father was born in Crary. North Dakota. In fact, there were four children born there (one died in Crary). There was no information about this family living there.

When I returned home from the trip, I tried to find more information, But I found a few things from a Uncle Fred Adams, my fathers youngest brother, who is still living in 2003. I also I found a picture of someone who looked like my grandfather, Francis Elijah Adams, that I failed to obtain.

In 2000, I talked my husband into taking me back to Devils Lake to the library to see if they could find the picture. They said they had a display at the time that I was talking about, but didn't have any pictures like the one that I had seen. I left the library without any more information that was useful to me.

We traveled back out to Crary and found the old school, by this time it was rebuilt into a home, but abandoned because the man had got a better job in another town. The old school was going up for auction in a few weeks. It had a gem that looked like a old military barracks that soldiers used to live in.

We also found the Levi and Rachel Ellen Moore Farm in Crary. I have a picture of the house and barn taken in 1907, where Levi Moore was killed in 1909 in a tornado. I was told by the man who lives on the farm now that it was called a Micro-burst.

The book has many stories of the birth of some of the children. My Great Grandmother, Emily, delivered all of them without a doctor. My grandparents lost one child at 1 or 2 years old, He was buried somewhere in Devils Lake or Crary, I would think Crary. A few years after my grandparents returned, My grandfather returned back to Devils Lake, dug up his son Jacob Henry Adams and returned on the train to his farm in Hutton Twp. Colds Co. IL. He is buried beside my grandparents in the Hurricane Cemetery. in Hutton Twp along with my Adams descendents.
Submitted by Mary E. Fargo

This page is for perpetual written accounts of historical events that have occurred in the city. Anyone who feels they have pertinent information may submit it. This includes all people in or out of Devils Lake and could involve any interested adults or children with events or items that are of interest. Items may be submitted for publication on this page where they will remain as part of a historical archive for the city. Items of interest may include noteworthy events, special events of historical importance, information about area growth that pertains to the history of the city, and other pertinent notes. We hope to establish a large data base of information about the history of each city. Historical Societies are encouraged to open their own page on Key to the City for more extensive historical information.

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