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Why is New Orleans nicknamed "The Big Easy"

"The Big Easy" became the official nickname for New Orleans after a contest was run several years ago. It won because it fits!

Historically, New Orleans has weathered primitive conditions, yellow fever, hurricanes, floods, wars - English, French, Indians, Union ... and just plain hard living. Being a survivor was something to celebrate. In addition....New Orleans is noted for its total mix of cultures ... cultures that have held onto their past traditions and languages. All pilgrims, emigrants, the displaced and expatriates have brought with them their own unique cultural
observances and traditions as well. In addition....New Orleans is constantly celebrating! There's usually a music festival, a food festival, etc. throughout the year.

The bottom line is that...."The Big Easy" fits because we're pretty much an accommodating folk! If it's fun, tastes good, sounds right - then we're all for it!

The other name...The City Care Forgot...is heard mostly around Mardi Gras.
Information obtained from Experience New Orleans - New Orleans Web

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