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Statistics & Facts

The Oklahoma state capital is Oklahoma City.
The population of Cromwell is approximately 268 (1990), 286 (2010).
The approximate number of families is 120 (1990), 108 (2010).
The amount of land area in Cromwell is 1.249 sq. kilometers.
The amount of surface water is 0 sq kilometers.
The distance from Cromwell to Washington DC is 1129 miles.
The distance to the Oklahoma state capital is 60 miles. (as the crow flies)
Cromwell is positioned 35.34 degrees north of the equator and 96.45 degrees west of the prime meridian.


Bill Tilghman
Cromwell, Oklahoma, was the site of the death of famous frontier lawman, Bill Tilghman on Nov. 11, 1924. Tilghman left retirement to serve as a lawman in Cromwell, which was an oil Boom Town. Tilghman was killed by a shady federal agent who was staggering drunkenly about waving a gun. Tilghman disarmed the agent and was marching him off to jail when the man pulled another pistol and shot Tilghman several times. In fifteen minutes, Bill Tilghman was dead, the last of the old time frontier marshals.
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Cromwell Historical Events

Bill Tilghman
1924, November 11
Reprint The Ardmore Statesman, Ardmore, Oklahoma on Thursday, November 16, 1924
Bill Tilghman killed
"One of the last of the old-time badman handlers of territorial days

On Last Saturday, at Cromwell, The Ragtown in Seminole County that has held a prominent place in the news headlines for several months, Bill Tilghman, one of the best known peace officers in the state, was shot to death by Wylie Lynn, an enforcement officer, whose former home was in Marshall county, and who is well known in this city.
When things got so bad in Cromwell that the local deputy sheriffs could not handle the situation, the town was incorporated and the new officials looked about for a man for the job of city marshal. They selected "Bill" Tilghman, former chief of police of Oklahoma City, and peace officer of territorial days, who had sustained a reputation for many years as one of the very best law officer for a bad community, that has ever lived in the territory, and in the state of Oklahoma. Last Saturday about night Wylie Lynn, who has been for several months an "enforcement officer" in Oklahoma, rode into Cromwell, accompanied by two women and a man, all of whom are said to have been very drunk. The part of four had been riding around Seminole and Hughes county all the afternoon, and their condition had been noticed in all the places they passed thru. Driving up to the sidewalk opposite the Murphy dance hall concerning which so much has appeared in the papers recently, Lynn stepped out of the Ford and, taking a pistol from his pocket, shot it off "just to see if it would go", he is said to have said. The shot called Tilghman out of the Murphy place, accompanied by a friend. Meeting Lynn on the sidewalk he ordered him to give up the gun, and submit to arrest. Lynn replied by a move to shot, but Tilghman caught his hand and, with the assistance of his friend, took the gun from Lynn, who dropped his hand in his pocket and drew another gun, with which he shot Tilghman three times. Tilghman kept hold of Lynn until the second gun was taken from him, then crumpled to the sidewalk, mortally wounded. Lynn was arrested and place in jail in Wewoka.
The entire state, was shocked by this tragedy. Tilghman was known and liked all over the state, and is sincerely mourned. He was over 70 years of age at the time Lynn killed him.

Reprint The Daily Press, Ardmore, Oklahoma
Thursday, May 21, 1925
Local Officers to Testify for Lynn at Trial
Leave Today for Wewoka to be Defense Witnesses for Tilghman Slayer
Carl Holden and Con Kiersey will leave today for Wewoka, where they will testify in the trial of Wiley Lynn, who is charged with the murder of William Tilghman, veteran peace officer, at Cromwell. The local officers will testify for the defense at this trial. The local officers say that they came in contact with Lynn on many occasions when the defendant was a deputy sheriff in Marshall county and they state that he never drank to their knowledge. The local officers probably will be called as character witnesses in this trial. Mr. Kiersey and Mr. Holden were at Cromwell two days previous to the shooting of Tilghman by Lynn. At the time Wiley Lynn is being tried for murder in Wewoka, his cousin, Ernest Lynn of Marshall county will be tried at Sherman, Texas, for violation of the Dyer Act, which is a government enactment governing the cases where stolen automobiles are transferred from one state to another. Together with Lynn a number of Marshall and Johnston county men have been indicted for violating the Dyer Act, the Ford dealer at Tishomingo being one of those under indictment.

Cromwell Chamber

Chamber of Commerce
824 Manvel Avenue
Chandler, OK 74834
Phone: 405-258-0673

Cromwell Community Events

An Annual Event every second Saturday in September
Bill Tilghman Celebration Day
Time: 9 am until ?
sponsored by: Bill Tilghman Committee
A celebration of the life of Bill Tilghman, a US Marshal who came to Cromwell during the oil boom to clean up the wide open town and was killed in the line of duty in 1924. Cromwell pays tribute to the marshal each year. Activities include a parade, talent show, arts & crafts, food booths, all day live entertainment, reenactors, horseshoe tournament, childrens games, face painting, oldtime photos, big toys for kids, contests and various activities. This is a great fun for the whole family, all are welcome to participate.
Bill Tilghman Committee
Box 21
Cromwell, OK 74837

Cromwell Organizations

Chamber of Commerce
824 Manvel Avenue
Chandler, OK 74834
Phone: 405-258-0673

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