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Statistics & Facts

The Pennsylvania state capital is Harrisburg.
The population of McKeesport is approximately 29,000 (1999), 19731 (2010).
The approximate number of families is 12,535 (1990), 8353 (2010).
The amount of land area in McKeesport is 12.97 sq. kilometers.
The amount of surface water is 0.983 sq kilometers.
The distance from McKeesport to Washington DC is 184 miles.
The distance to the Pennsylvania state capital is 157 miles. (as the crow flies)
McKeesport is positioned 40.34 degrees north of the equator and 79.84 degrees west of the prime meridian.


southeast of Pittsburgh in southwestern Pennsylvania.
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History & History Related Items

A history page for McKeesport.

The population was as high as fifty thousand when steel was big. High school sports were very important the the people in town. McKeesport is a very nice town!

Renziehausen Park located beside the high school and the Penn State Campus is one of the finest community parks in the state. Known as "5 fields" at the beginning of the 20th century and owned by the Renziehausen family, it was donated to the city to be kept as a park and to never be sold. On the other side of the park is a street called Palm Street, after this area's first council member. This area is also known as snake hollow. An Early log cabin can be viewed on Palm St. The original owners of all of snake hollow, the Schmidts, lived here. The Cabin is still in use! Also located on Palm street is the Adams homestead. In the family for 100 years, upon the death of Marie C. Adams , this 4 Acre parcel can be viewed at any time. (611 Palm Street) I would like to refer people to the bicentenial magazine published by the city for more information.

During the first half of the 20th century, Snake Hollow, Palm Street, was known as Eden Park and Renzie Park. We did have the Penn Transit System that would pick us up near the Keystone Auto Parts store.

The first public school was founded in 1832 and stands now in Renzie Park near the Rose Garten. At the lower end of 5 Fields is Sulfur Springs, where once an Indian Village was located or a battle was fought. A large number of arrowheads have been found there

The city was named after the Mckee family, who ran the ferry across the 2 rivers.

Olympia Park was a popular area but was destroyed by mining. The Roller rink was there. It stood where the Olympia Plaza is located now (1999)
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McKeesport Heritage Center
1832 Arboretum Drive
McKeesport, PA 15132
(in Renziehausen Park)
Phone: (412) 678-1832

Penn State Campus
Two rivers
Fall Leaves
The nicest people

William Lickert is one of McKeesports most renouwn persons. A great football coach (the little Tigers) A great Teamster leader.
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McKeesport City Government

Twin Rivers Council of Governments
3000 Lebanon Church Road
West Mifflin, PA 15122
Phone: (412) 466-7377
FAX: (412) 466-7378
Serving the Boroughs of Elizabeth, Glassport, Liberty, Lincoln,Port Vue, Madison, Versailles, West Mifflin, West Newton, White Oak, The Townships of Elizabeth, Forward, South Versailles, The City of McKeesport

McKeesport Historical Events

1999 remembrances of prominent people of McKeesport
Little Tiger coach, Bill Lickert still works at the teamsters that I believe is located on Rt. 48. He can tell all about Mckeesport--Past and present. Lucky, too, we still have "Duke Weagle" and "Dink" Schaeffer in the community to help with Athletic research. Gerald "Puddin" Grayson teaches at the High School.

Other prominent people of McKeesport.
Buck - large landholder and estate owner who donated land to PSU.
Taylor - wealthy family which owned the wonderful Memorial Theater, and the Penn Mckee Hotel.
Hayler, Charley - last member to live on the Haylor Farm, located in what is now known as Haylor heights. (PILL HILL)
Helmsteader- longtime business people in the city.
Cox - very successful businessman in the city--fought the Malls, but finally gave in.
Kelley, Clarence - Great surgeon.
Bondi - Great surgeon, whose son may still practice in the city.
Bayer - Entrepreneur and Car dealer
Brown, Fraulei Verner -Great German Teacher and person.
Pollock, Helen - owned Pollock awning Co., which survives on Eden Park Blvd., as Index, Inc.
Maneer, Clarence - WWII Hero, and car dealership owner.
Broman, Wayne -Superintendent of the Tube Works.
Broman Family - John & Evan BROMAN are the great musicians. Their brother Rick was a tremendous football player for West Mifflin North when they won 1963 Championship. He played fullback, punter, kicker and linebacker on defense. Rick's son Trevor played basketball for West Mifflin and Washington & Jefferson College.
Cousin Bob Broman played baseball for South Allegheny, White Oak American Legion, Daily News Leagues and Point Park College. He was a tremendous left handed first baseman. His wife Kathy is a photographer for UPMC McKeesport.
Paule - Owns Paule's Lookout
Mac - developer of the G. C. Murphy Chain of stores. Once there were three in Mckeesport.

Tech High School was built in 1916 and located on Coursin Street beside War Memorial Stadium. It still functions as a Jr. High School. Before opening classes had been conducted at the Shaw Avenue building. After a referendum vote, the city built its present High school, at 1960 Eden Park Blvd. The vocational school was already there. In the late 1950's and early1960's Mckeesport graduated over 900 students.

McKeesport High School started in 1870. The first official commencement was in 1884 with 10 graduates.

McKeesport Libraries

Carnegie Library of McKeesport
1507 Library Avenue
McKeesport, PA 15132-4796
Phone: (412)672-0625

McKeesport Schools

McKeesport High School
1960 Eden Park Blvd.
McKeesport, PA 15131
Phone: 412-664-3650 McKeesport


1990 - 26,016
1999 - 29,000

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