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Local Residents websites:
Jackie Bird's Homepage
Inspirational Speaker, Hoop Dancer, Singer

E.W. MetalWorks Art Studio
21079 1st Ave. S
Bushnell, South Dakota 57276 Phone: 605-693-3947 Email: ericwenger@hotmail.com

Dakota Stoneware

JoAnne Bird online Gallery

Biographical homepage of Anisah David

Submitted by a current resident of Bushnell (12-2001)
I currently lives in the small town in eastern South Dakota known as Bushnell. It isn't even a spot on most maps but it is alive with creativity.

The town, which is a mile off the nearest highway and 7 miles from the nearest expressway is a real-life version of Northern Exposure! We have a lady in town who walks her mule daily on a leash through town; A dog that wears a medieval ruff for a collar down the street; numerous artists reside here and work. We have painters, sculptors, potters, musicians and others. Some of the artists have internet pages, while others still sell their work the old fashioned way.

Some of the unique things of the town include the fall party. This past year that consisted of burning an effigy of a historical bad guy of England (which was filled with firecrackers), lobbing pumpkins from a medieval catapult and feasting on old fashioned meat pies, stew and other dishes.

It's a town hard to believe exists but it does. It is quietly ignored by most of the world most of the time. It has two paved streets running through it and two paved streets running along it's border, as well as two gravel streets. It has about 26 houses with less than 80 people total in it's local population. You find canons on the front porch of some homes as decoration.

People stop and watch if a car goes by to see who it is. Neighbors not only know each other's names, but know each others' pets' names! It is a quiet town unique in it's quirks and in it's atmosphere.

The main attraction of the town is the atmosphere. It is quiet and peaceful, where time it's self slows to oblivion. The people here are neighborly and speak to strangers and friends alike, but don't meddle. Privacy is respected and so is neighborliness.

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