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Statistics & Facts

The Tennessee state capital is Nashville.
The population of Harriman is approximately 7,119 (1990), 6350 (2010).
The approximate number of families is 3,234 (1990), 2656 (2010).
The amount of land area in Harriman is 25.444 sq. kilometers.
The amount of surface water is 0.611 sq kilometers.
The distance from Harriman to Washington DC is 474 miles.
The distance to the Tennessee state capital is 127 miles. (as the crow flies)
Harriman is positioned 35.93 degrees north of the equator and 84.56 degrees west of the prime meridian.

History & History Related Items

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Harriman City Government

The official City of Harriman Web Site

Harriman City Clerk Office
300 N Roane St
Harriman, TN 37748-2021
Phone: 423-882-9414

Harriman Historical Events

1913, 27 November
from the Harriman, Tennessee newpaper-event occurred on 26 November 1913 - B.F. Shaffer was murdered--Wednesday night by unknown parties at Robinson's Livery Barn...."A man by the name of B.F. Shaffer was nurdered between one and three o'clock Wednesday night at Robinson's livery stable. Mr. Shaffer was night man at the stable and was heard from at the Cumberland Hotel at one o'clock. At three o'clock, night agent, Davis, of the Southern tried to call up the stable and failing went to the building and woke up two young men named Chas. Jenkins and Essie Riggs, who sleep there. A search was made and the body of Shaffer was found beneath a pile of hay in the rear part of the barn. As it later appears, when it had been about decided that he had been kicked and killed by a horse which was loose in the barn, a mattox was found covered up in some saw dust which had on it not only blood, but several hairs which were of the same color as that of Mr. Shaffers. It was then decided that he had been killed by someone between one and three o'clock. No suspicion as far as we learn is cast upon either of the boys who were sleeping in the barn. There is no explanation why anyone should have murdered the man. He and his family came to Harriman from Maryland only a short time ago. The family arrived two weeks since, while Mr. Shaffer had been here about two months. He was not a man to make enemies and was a poor man, which might be attested by the fact that he was working in the livery stable. He was 45 years of age and has a family of seven boys and one girl. Thursday morning in conversation with the three oldest boys, the oldest being 18, we learned that the family sold their property in Maryland and came to Harriman upon the recommendation of Captin Ayers. He had bought the Wiley DeArmond farm near the crossing of B.M. Winslow and had made a payment down and was to have paid further upon the property very soon. The family was living at Walnut Hill. The three older boys had been at work for Capt. Ayers but were at work this week for the Cememtery Company. The writer saw Mr. Shaffer once only, which was one Sunday morning at church something like three weeks since. He was a fine looking man. Mrs. Shaffer is a very nice appearing lade and the boys are intelligent and appear to be well behaved. Mr. Shaffer showed evidence of being well bred. The injury which caused Mr. Shaffer's death was a gaping wound in the left side of the head made by the mattox. It was of such a nature that it is probable that he died instantly. After the finding of the mattox, there was no doubt left as to what caused the death of the man. The theory of his having been kicked and killed by a horse was immediately set aside. The hounds from the state mines were sent for early Thursday morning and arrived at about 11 o'clock. They took a track at the rear of the stable and trailed it down the Tennessee Central and along the tracks across the Emory river bridge and to a point near the tower on the Queen and Crescent where it was lost on the heavy grade where it is probably that the party making it jumped a freight train. No further clue could be secured and as we go to press this morning there has not as yet been a single idea advanced as to the motive or parties committing the act that promise to reach a conclusion. The body of Mr. Shaffer will be taken to the home of his father at Manchoice, Pa, either over the Southern or Queen and Crescent today. The family will return with the body. We learn from the oldest son that the family belonged to the Dunkard church and that his father did not belong to any secret society nor did he have any life insurance."
Several other articles were written about this murder in the Harriman, Tennessee newpaper. For further information contact, the descendant's grandaughter.

Harriman Libraries

Harriman Public Library
601 Walden St
Harriman, TN 37748-2506
Phone: 423-882-3195

Roane State Comm College Library
276 Patton Ln
Harriman, TN 37748-8615
Phone: 423-882-4553

Harriman Schools

Harriman City School District
1002 N Roane St
Harriman, TN 37748-2313
Phone: 423-882-9242


Roane State Community College
276 Patton Ln
Harriman, TN 37748-8615
Phone: 423-354-3000

Tennessee Technology Ctr
1745 Harriman Hwy
Harriman, TN 37748-5849
Phone: 423-882-6703

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