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Cut and Shoot
Montgomery, Texas


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Statistics & Facts

The Texas state capital is Austin.
The population of Cut and Shoot is approximately 903 (1990).
The approximate number of families is 337 (1990).
The amount of land area in Cut and Shoot is 7.37 sq. kilometers.
The amount of surface water is 0 sq kilometers.
The distance from Cut and Shoot to Washington DC is 1221 miles.
The distance to the Texas state capital is 143 miles. (as the crow flies)
Cut and Shoot is positioned 30.33 degrees north of the equator and 95.35 degrees west of the prime meridian.


six miles east of Conroe and forty miles north of Houston
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History & History Related Items

This town was named in 1912 after a violent confrontation. Versions of the story may differ, but it is basically about a dispute over the church steeple. There was only one church and when the new steeple was being designed, there were issues over who would be allowed to preach in the new church and also over some land claims by members. When one of the "banned" preachers arrived with his followers to preach, they found the doors locked. The "anti's" also arrived and arguments and name-calling occurred. Both groups had concealed weapons, but they weren't used. At one point, a young boy near the church yelled out, "I am scared! I am going to "cut'' around the corner and "shoot" through the bushes in a minute!" Those who heard him remembered his words and adopted Cut and Shoot as the town's name. Both sides were fined for disturbing the peace and assault and the dispute smoldered between a few of the participants for over a year. In a trial between two of the men, the judge asked where the incident had taken place. The witness replied, "I suppose you would call it the place where they had the cuttin' and shootin' scrape."
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Roy Harris, Boxer
Overall Record: 31-5 with 9 KO's. Born June 29, 1933, in Cut 'N Shoot, Texas - due to the exposure and notoriety he got from boxing, during the mid-to-late 1950's, he was credited with getting Cut 'N Shoot put on the Texas map. Cut 'N Shoot either built its first or had to build a new post office because of his popularity as a boxer. According to "The Sign," the population today in Cut 'N Shoot is 1,300. He is believed to be the only boxer to become a lawyer after fighting for the world heavyweight title. Roy Harris was a county clerk in Montgomery County for 28 years; began practicing law in 1972 and drew up the papers for Cut 'N Shoot to become incorporated. Roy's office is actually in his house and he has been married 47 years and has six children (four boys, two girls). Five are college graduates. (this excerpt taken from this page about Roy Harris.
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Cut and Shoot


The population of Cut and Shoot was:
1975 - 50
1980 - 809
1990 - 903
2002 - 1,300

The town name is also spelled as Cut 'n Shoot or Cut N Shoot

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