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Statistics & Facts

The Texas state capital is Austin.
The population of Ingleside-On-The-Bay is approximately 659 (2000).
The approximate number of families is 287 (1990).
The distance from Ingleside-On-The-Bay to Washington DC is 1430 miles.
The distance to the Texas state capital is 176 miles. (as the crow flies)
Ingleside-On-The-Bay is positioned 27.50 degrees north of the equator and 97.13 degrees west of the prime meridian.
Ingleside-On-The-Bay average annual rainfall is 25-30 inches per year
The average low temperature is (winter) 46, (summer) 75 degrees F.
The average high temperature is (winter) 64, (summer) 96 degrees F.


on Live Oak Peninsula, across Corpus Christi Bay from the City of Corpus Christi, Texas, 5 miles from the City of Ingleside. Ingleside-On-The-Bay is located toward the water from where the original town site was. The town is 27 Miles North East of Corpus Christi, Texas. This is a driving distance. It is actually within sight across the bay, about 8 miles away.
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tropical. The climate is quite mild in the winter spring and fall and is very warm in the summer. In the summer the temperatures run from 90 to 100 degrees for the highs and during the rest of the year the temperaturesare from 70 to 90 degrees for the highs. The lows in the winter only on very rare occasion drop to freezing and then only for a few hours during the night, rebounding to the 60s or 70s for the day. Palm and citrustrees can survive the winter.
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History & History Related Items

The area was settled in the 1800s (no one seems to know exactly when) a group of Irish settlers came to the area. One of them was named Ingle. They established a town site that grew into a large grape producing area with the Carmen grape. They exported a lot of grapes and wine. At one point a railroad was built to handle the grape exports from the town and it was placed about 5 miles from the town so that the entire town moved to the site that is now called Ingleside. In 1991 there was a fight over annexation, and other things, and the city of Ingleside-On-The-Bay was incorporated in November of 1991.
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Ingleside-On-The-Bay City Government

Ingleside-on-the-Bay is governed by a Mayor and 5 councilmen who are elected and serve without compensation Ingleside-On-The-Bay


The population of Ingleside-by-the-Bay was:
1990 - 600
2000 - 659

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