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I represent the Joseph B. Pierce Foundation and School for a Better Living which is dedicated to recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. We are contacting local parties to request assistance in spreading the word about our facility. The Joseph B. Pierce Foundation and School for a Better Living is a unique endeavor, as we do not charge admission nor is any monetary compensation required by those who attend. We operate upon donations from the private sector and church groups. The Foundation is a live-in center where Christian addicts are taught how to deal with and recover from their afflictions. Founder Joseph B. Pierce, who is himself a recovered addict, has contributed a large portion of his own funds. Our hopes are to have the Foundation in full operation by the first quarter of 2000. Our current goal is to reach those in need, any assistance you might provide will most certainly be appreciated. We are also seeking donation of building materials and volunteers who might provide help with construction. All donations are tax deductible, as we are a non-profit organization. Thank you and God Bless You for your time and consideration. Please visit the web site or contact me for additional information, the basics are outlined below.
C. Weise
Public Relations Coordinator
Joseph B. Pierce Foundation and School for a Better Living

Spread the news!! Free help for drug addicts and alcoholics that believe John 3:16 will soon be available through the Joseph B. Pierce Foundation and School for a Better Living
Tell your friends, loved ones, Christian groups, recovery groups, your local newspapers, television news stations and those in need of help!
Anyone who is a Drug Addict, Alcoholic, and/or has other Addictive personality traits are WELCOME to come FREE of charge to the Joseph B. Pierce Foundation and School for a Better Living with the open arms of God, proposed to be located in Northern Denton County, TX.
There are but three basic requirements:
1. You want to be free from your addiction. You admit that you are an addict and are powerless over Drugs, Alcohol, and/or other addictive behavior. You must voluntarily admit yourself (see Admission Form).
2. You BELIEVE John 3:16 and/or you admit that a higher power than yourself exists.
3. You agree to work at what you do best and to build upon these key items, Your Mind, Your Body, and Your Soul.
Thank you and God Bless!!
We believe it is time for our Nation to embrace a drug strategy that works, and we support Drug Policy Reform.
We aim to impact public opinion, especially media coverage, on public policy related to drugs -- to create a more balanced view about U.S. drug policies. We believe it is time to separate penalties of violent crime from self-inflicting/non-violent crime. It is estimated that 77 million U.S. citizens have tried an illicit drug at least once. How many of those 77 million drug users must we incarcerate in order to win the drug war?
Recovery, not incarceration, is the answer!! Our objective is the dissemination of honest, accurate, information on all aspects of drug policy, including alternatives to the criminal justice/prosecution/interdiction model. Joseph B. Pierce Foundation and School for a Better Living is a non-profit organization.

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