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The Cities and communities of Cache County, Utah*

, Avon


Cache Junction, Clarkston, College Ward, Cornish , Cove

Hyde Park, Hyrum

Lewiston, Logan (County Seat)

Mendon, Millville , Mt. Sterling

Newton, Nibley, North Logan

Paradise, Petersboro, Providence

Richmond, River Heights




Young Ward

*This list of cities may not be complete. The list may contain towns, cities, villages, boroughs, neighborhoods, townships, ghost towns and other populated places.

If you have information about any of these unlinked communities, please send it to us and we will add a page for that community. Some of these places above may only be neighborhoods or local area names and are not listed with the census at all or just included in a larger surrounding designated census area..

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Information & Facts about Cache County, Utah

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Cache County official website

Cache County Clerk
170 N. Main St.
Logan, Utah 84321-4541
Phone: 435-752-3542

Logan is the County Seat for Cache County

Bear River Association of Governments - (BRAG)
Planning and development of the physical, economic, and human resources of Box Elder, Cache and Rich Counties, Utah.

Cache County Fire District

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Cache County Population:

1900 - 18,139
1910 - 23,062
1920 - 26,992
1930 - 27,424
1940 - 29,797
1950 - 33,536
1960 - 35,788
1970 - 42,331
1980 - 57,176
1990 - 57,176
2000 - 91,391
2009 - 115,269

Population Density:
2000 - 78 persons per square mile

Median age:
2000 - 24 years
2009 - 23.9 years

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in northern Utah bordered by Rich County on the east, Weber County on the south, Box Elder County on the west and the State of Idaho on the North.

Logan, the county seat, is 90 miles north of Salt Lake City.

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Average Temperature: Winter-24 degrees F., Summer-71 degrees F.
Average Annual precipitation: 18 inches
Average Rainfall: 19.1 inches

Current weather page for Logan area

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Other Facts and Figures:

Cache County Vital Statistics
655 E. 1300 N.
Logan, Utah 84341-2570
Phone: (435) 753-5176

Median Household Income:
2000 - $39,730
2009 - $45,643

Per Capita Income:
2000 - $15,094

Number of Housing Units:
2000 - 29,035

Median House Value:
2000 - $129,700
2009 - $190,300

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The Cache Valley area was known as Willow Valley originally because of all the Willows along the rivers and streams. The name of Cache comes from the place the mountainmen stored their furs during the trapping seasons. They would store the furs and then bring them out for the rendezvous. The fur business began to decline during the 1840's. Formed in 1864, Cache County borders were re-aligned in 1864 when Richland, later Rich, County was formed.

Cache Valley settlement began in 1855 when Bryant Stringham brought his herd of cattle here on July 29. The area was known as Haw Bush Spring, later named Elkhorn Ranch. Because of severe weather that winter, they drove the cattle back to Salt Lake Valley. Mormon settlers came back into the Cache Valley in 1856 when called to do so by their prophet, Brigham Young. Peter Maughan was the leader of the group which settled in the Wellsville area with the building of Fort Maughan. Gradually other towns grew in the lush valley. Charles Rich, for whom Rich County was named, settled the Bear Lake Valley. The Shoshoni Indians had lived in the area, but with the coming of more and more settlers, they moved on. There was some hostility before they left. The Battle of Bear River was a large one with many of the Shoshoni dying at the river edge.

Here is a short history summary for the county. Also try this brief history for Cache County. Here is another history page for the county. This is an early history page for Cache County.

A timeline history for Cache County

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Total Area: 1,164 Square Miles
Land Area: 1,165 Square Miles
Water Area: 9 square miles

Elevation: 4,775 feet above sea level

A very fertile valley with many lakes and streams. The Wellsville Mountains are on the west and the Bear River Range, a part of the Wasatch Mountains, is on the east side. The Bear River courses through the northwestern corner of Cache County. The ancient geography involves the giant Lake Bonneville. The lake once covered all the area from part of southern Idaho down to the middle of the state of Utah. As the lake receded, it left terraces at the different levels. In some areas you may find shells and fossils if you hunt a little. Cache County has much of its area covered with forest and with mountains. At least half of the land is part of the Cache National Forest. The valley floor is covered with productive farmland.

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Cache County US GenWeb Genealogy page
Linkpendium page for Cache County
Kindred Trails page for Cache County

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Cache County Library
15 North Main Street
Providence, Utah 84332
Phone: 435-752-7881

Cache County Bookmobile Library
15 North Main Street
Providence, UT 84332
Phone: (435) 752-7881

Hyrum Library
50 West Main Street
Hyrum, UT 84319
Phone: (435) 245-6411

Lewiston Public Library
33 South Main Street
Lewiston, UT 84320
Phone: (435) 258-5515

Logan Library
255 North Main Street
Logan, UT 84321
Phone: (435) 716-9123

Richmond Public Library
38 West Main Street
Richmond, UT 84333
Phone: (435) 258-5525

Smithfield Library
25 North Main Street
Smithfield, UT 84335
Phone: (435) 563-3555

North Logan City Library
475 East 2500 North
North Logan, UT 84341
Phone: (435) 755-7169

Newton Town Library
51 South Center Street
Newton, UT 84327
Phone: (435) 563-9283

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Cache County Schools
2063 North 1200 East
North Logan, Utah 84341
Phone: (435) 752-3925

Utah State University
3580 S. Highway 91 # UMC4815
Logan, Utah 84321
Phone: 435-752-4075

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While fur trapping was a major business here in the past, the economy has evolved greatly. It now has lumber, dairy, farming, food processing and industry. Other modern industry includes education, agriculture, and cheese production. It remains a state leader in dairy products and a large producer of hay, grain and alfalfa.

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Organizations & Groups

Cache Chamber of Commerce
160 N. Main St.
Logan, Utah 84321
Phone: 435-752-2161
Toll-free: 800-882-4433
Fax: 801-435-752-2161

Cache County 4-H
Cache County Extension Service

Logan Convention & Visitor's Bureau
Bridgerland Travel Region
160 North Main Street
Logan UT 84321
Toll-free: 800-952-UTAH
Phone: (435) 752-2161
Fax: (435) 753-5825

Cache Valley Tourism
160 North Main Street
Logan, UT 84321-4541
Phone: 435-752-2161
Toll-free: 800-882-4433
Fax: 435-753-5825

Cache County Historical Society


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Attractions & Other Information

Logan Airport

The American West Heritage Center highlights the heritage and culture of the West from 1820 to 1920, including: BAD

Cache Valley Almanac

Utah Festival Opera
Toll Free: 1-800-262-0074
Phone: 435-750-0300
59 South 100 West
Logan, UT 84321

Willow Park Zoo

Stokes Nature Center in Logan Canyon

The Chocolate Festival

Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art

Cache County Fair and Rodeo

See the world's oldest and largest Juniper tree, the "Jardine Juniper." The tree is believed to be 3,000 years old and may be seen 17 miles up Logan Canyon. Nearby are the Wellsville Mountains which are said to be the worlds tallest mountains on the narrowest base.

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