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Statistics & Facts

The Utah state capital is Salt Lake City.
The population of Beaver is approximately 2,650 (2009), 3112 (2010).
The approximate number of families is 1,021 (2000), 1081 (2010).
The amount of land area in Beaver is 3.778 sq. kilometers.
The amount of land area in Beaver is 4.6 sq. miles.
The amount of surface water is 0 sq kilometers.
The distance from Beaver to Washington DC is 2021 miles.
The distance to the Utah state capital is 181 miles. (as the crow flies)
Beaver is positioned 38.27 degrees north of the equator and 112.63 degrees west of the prime meridian.
Beaver elevation is 5,970 feet above sea level.
Beaver per capita income is $ 13,552 (2009).
Beaver median income is $ 34,075 (2009).
The Beaver median home price is $ 166,284 (2009).
Beaver average annual precipitation is 18.1 inches peryear.
Beaver average annual snowfall is 47.5 inches per year.
The average winter temperature is 27.4 degrees F.
The average spring temperature is 46.1 degrees F.
The average summer temperature is 71.6 degrees F.
The average fall temperature is 49.1 degrees F.


about 212 miles south of Salt Lake City on Interstate 15 in central Utah. Nearby communities include Greenville, Sulphurdale, Minersville, Circleville, Milford, Junction, Marysvale, Kingston, Parowan and Paragonah.

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History & History Related Items

Beaver was settled under the direction of the Mormon church in the mid-1800's. It was named Beaver because the nearby river had many beavers and beaver dams. The new settlers were mainly from the town of Parowan to the south. Many of today's residents are descendents of those orginal pioneers. Fort Cameron was established in 1873 as a protection from the Indian uprisings of the time. After the need has passed, the fort was made into the Murdock Academy. The mining boom brought the opportunity of the railroad and other aids to development. Beaver was the first town in the state to get electricity. The hydroelectric generation plant that was built in the early 1900's is still in use today.

One of Beaver's claims to fame is that it is the birthplace of Butch Cassidy (Robert Leroy Parker - 1856) In the town's early days, there was a mining boom which brought in many "outsiders" to the predominant Mormon town. The two lifestyles did not mix well and there was much unrest in Beaver until the mining was mostly over. The area is known for its hunting and fishing and other recreational activities

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The settling of Beaver

6 February 1856

The incorporation of Beaver

10 January 1867


Eagle Point Ski Resort
newly reopened in 2010-11 winter season
more than just skiing!

See Photos of Beaver.

Cove Fort Historical Site
1 Pioneer Dr
Beaver, UT 84713
Phone: 435-438-5547

Puffer Lake Resort
35 W Highway 153
Beaver, UT 84713
Phone: 435-438-7678

Beaver County Travel Council
P.O. Box 272
Beaver, UT 84713
Phone: 435-438-5438
Toll-free: 866-891-6655

Butch Cassity Festival
held each year in July

Historic Beaver County Courthouse
This building has been restored and is now open for tours. The Beaver Historical Park, next door, has a statue of Philo Farnsworth, known as the father of television.
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Beaver City Government

Beaver Opera House Civic Center
81 E Center St
Beaver, UT 84713
Phone: 435-438-5313

City of Beaver
60 W Center St
Beaver, UT 84713
Phone: 435-438-2451

Beaver is the County Seat of Beaver County.


Beaver County Recorder
105 E Center
Beaver, UT 84713
Phone: 435-438-6480

Beaver County Clerk-Auditor
105 E Center
Beaver, UT 84713
Phone: 435-438-6463
Beaver County Sheriff
P.O. Box 391
2270 South 525 West
Beaver, UT 84713
Phone: (435) 438-2862

Beaver Chamber

Beaver Valley Chamber Of Commerce
Box 760
Beaver, UT 84713
Phone: 435-438-5081
Toll-free: 888-848-5081

Beaver Community Events

May each year Memorial Day Races

July each year
Pioneer Day Car Show

Beaver Organizations

Beaver Valley Chamber Of Commerce
Box 760
Beaver, UT 84713
Phone: 435-438-5081
Toll-free: 888-848-5081

Beaver Libraries

Beaver City Library
55 W Center St
Beaver, UT 84713
Phone: 435-438-5274

Beaver Schools

Beaver County School District
291 N Main St
Beaver, UT 84713
Phone: 435-438-2291

Beaver High School
195 E Center
Beaver, UT 84713
Phone: 435-438-2301 Beaver


The population of Beaver was:
1860 - 785
1870 - 1,207
1880 - 1,911
1890 - 1,752
1900 - 1,822
1910 - 2,085
1920 - 2,226
1930 - 1,673
1940 - 1,808
1950 - 1,685
1960 - 1,548
1970 - 1,453
1980 - 1,792
1990 - 1,998
2000 - 2,454

Median age:
2000 - 32 years

Population Density:
2000 - 535.5 persons per square mile

Number of Housing Units:
1990 - 775
2000 - 1,021

Median Household Income:
2000 - $ 33,646
2009 - $ 34,075

Per Capita Income:
2000 - $ 14,412
2009 - $ 13,552

Median House Value:
2000 - $ 95,100
2009 - 166,284

Beaver is located in the Mountain Time Zone and does participate in daylight savings time during a portion of the year.

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