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Sevier County


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The Cities and communities of Sevier County, Utah*


Annabella, Aurora






Redmond, Richfield (County Seat)

Salina, Sevier, Sigurd

*This list of cities may not be complete

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Information & Facts about Sevier County, Utah

Sevier County Courthouse
P.O. Box 517
Richfield, UT 84701-0517
Phone: 435-896-9262
FAX: 435- 896-8888

The County Seat of Sevier County is Richfield

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1980 - 14,727
1990 - 15,431
1996 - 17,156
1998 - 17,683
2000 _ 18,842

Per Capita Income: $13,427

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Sevier School District
195 E 5th N
Richfield, UT 84701
Phone: 896-8214
Number of Schools: 12
Number of Students: 4,914

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A history page for Sevier County

Mountain man, Jedediah S. Smith, was one of the first to travel this area. It wasn't until the winter of 1849-50 that Mormon Apostle, Parley P. Pratt, and his exploration group and later, George W. Bean in 1863, came into the area to assess it for settlement. In 1864, ten men came to what would be Richfield. A few more towns were established within a year or two. During the Black Hawk War (1865-68), confrontations were intense and the scattered settlers moved out of the Sevier area in April of 1867. The settlers returned after 1870 and by 1874, Richfield had nearly 2,000 residents. The county was influenced by the influx of Scandinavian emigrants who brought their own culture with them.

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The county is in central Utah in the "High Plateau Country." The population is mainly situated along the Sevier River. The River flows through the county with the Pahvant Range on the west and the Wasatch Range on the east. Fish Lake is also in the area. Almost half the area is national forest. The Sevier Fault is seismically active and is centered in the southern portion of the county.

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1,976 square miles

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Tourist Information:

Sevier Travel Council
Phone: (435) 896-8898

Learn all about Central Utah
serving portions of Juab, SanPete and Sevier Counties.

Sevier County Tourism
250 North Main, Room 10
Richfield, UT 84701
Phone: 435-893-0458
Toll-free: 800-662-8898
Fax: 435-893-0495

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