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Wayne County


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The Cities and communities of Wayne County, Utah*






Giles (Blue Valley)



Loa (County Seat)




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Information & Facts about Wayne County, Utah

County Courthouse
18 South Main
Loa, UT 84747
Phone: 435-836-2731
FAX: 435-836-2479

The county seat is Loa

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1990 - 2,177
1996 - 2,371
2000 - 2,509

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Highest Point:
Bluebell Knoll - 11,328 feet above sea level
2,486 Square Miles

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The county is in the Colorado Plateau. The Fremont River flows from Fish Lake into the county and then moves east to join the Dirty Devil, a tributary of the Green River which marks the eastern boundary of the county.Many remains from earlier eras, such as the Pleistocene, have been found within the County.  The Cowboy Caves area is a Fremont Indian site which was occupied between 6300 B.C. and 450 A.D.  Some areas of eastern county have pictographs. 

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Wayne County is located in southern Utah. Neighboring counties are Piute County to the west, Sevier County and Emery County to the North, San Juan County to the East and Garfield County to the South. Here is a map page for the county. The county includes portions of Capitol Reef and Canyonlands National Parks.

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A history page for Wayne County.  Here is another history page for the county.

Wayne County was established in May of 1892 from a portion of Piute County. The county was named for Wayne Robison, the son of state legislator Willis E. Robison. Because of the county's remoteness, most areas were not settled until at least 1880. Lack of roads and the railroad in the area until the 1930's kept the population and revenues down. National Forests curbed the amount of grazing land to keep the numbers of livestock down. Earlier, until the late 1890's, the infamous Robbers Roost Gang with their cattle rustling made success difficult for ranchers.

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Agriculture has been and remains the main source of revenue for residents of this county. Beef Cattle produces the most income, but also contributing are dairy cows, sheep and poultry. More recently, tourism has provided a more prominent part of the area economy.
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Wayne School District
P.O. Box 127
Bicknell, UT 84715
Phone: 435-425-3813
Number of Schools: 4
Number of Students: 590

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Attractions & Other Information
Local lakes and reservoirs include Blind Lake, Donkey Reservoir and Fish Creek Reservoir.  All three are in the Grover area

Capitol Reef Travel Council
Phone: 435-425-3365

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