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Portsmouth, Virginia Community News

22 April 2015 - Man shot twice by police officer while resisting arrest, following suspicion of shop lifting. Police responded to a shoplifting call at a store. Evidently the officer struggled with William Chapman(18 yrs old) soon after arriving on the scene. Chapman is black and the officer(Stephen Rankin) is white. According to the officer, he tried to arrest Chapman who resisted. After the officer tried to use his stun gun, which the suspect knocked away, the officer pulled his gun and ordered Chapman to the ground. In response Chapman, according to the officer, charged the officer while yelling at him. Some witnesses reported that Chapman had his hands up in some way either in a threatening manner or in a submissive manner. Some witnesses dispute reports that Chapman charged the officer.

Rankin was eventually Charged with first degree murder(September 2015), at which time he was fired from the police force. At a recent trial(July 2016) Rankin was convicted of manslaughter and will serve up to 10 years in prison.

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