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Summers County

West Virginia

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The Cities and communities of Summers County, West Virginia *



Pence Springs


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Information & Facts about Summers County, West Virginia


The first Europeans came to this area in the late 1650's when Colonel Abraham Wood came to trade with the Monetan Indians. Until the mid-1800's very few families or settlers came to the New River Gorge area. Two families, those of Isaac Ballengee and John Hinton settled in the Hinton area and were instrumental in the success of Summers County. The Ballengee's sold land to the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad to enable the railroad to come into the area and plan a community. John Hinton could be considered the founder of Summers County and also laid out the town of Hinton. The legend of John Henry lives on in Talcott where the famous feud between man and machine was said to have occurred.

Summers County Convention and Visitors Bureau

206 Temple Street
Hinton, WV 25951
Phone: 304-466-5420
Fax: 304-466-3747

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