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The State Capitol:
Ground was broken for the construction of the capitol on September 9, 1886. The cornerstone was laid on May 18, 1887. Maps, papers, documents, etc were placed in the cornerstone. During the Capitol Centennial in 1987, the cornerstone was removed and the contents replaced before the cornerstone was replaced. The dome of the capitol is of gold leaf and may be seen from all over the city. It has been gilded six times (through 2001), the first time in 1900 and the 6th time in 1988. The peak of the dome is 146 feet high and the base if 50 feet in diameter. Major renovation was done in 1980.

Tours may be made of the State Capitol from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Large groups require advance notice. Please call 307-777-7220 for reservations.


1870 – 9,118

1880 – 20,789

1890 – 62,555

1900 – 92,531

1910 – 145,965

1920 – 194,402

1930 – 225,565

1940 – 250,742

1950 – 290,529

1960 – 330,066

1970 – 332,416

1980 – 469,557

1990 – 453,588

2000 – 493,782

2005 - 509,294

In 2000, Wyoming was the 50th state as far as population is concerned
Population Density is 5.1 persons per square mile.  The only state with a lower number is Alaska.
There are 23 counties in Wyoming
Wyoming is located in the Mountain Time Zone

Wyoming has the second highest mean elevation in the USA at 6,700 feet above sea level, just behind Colorado

Highest point: 13,804 feet above sea level at Gannett Peak
Lowest point: 3,099 feet above sea level at the Belle Fourche river

Longitude: 104° 3'W to 111° 3'W
Latitude: 41°N to 45°N

Geographic Center: 58 miles ENE of Lander in Fremont County at Longitude: 107° 40.3'W Latitude: 42° 58.3'N

Length: 375 miles
Width: 276 miles

Total land area: 97,105 square miles
Total water area: 714 square miles
Total area: 97,914 square miles, the 10th largest state in size

Borders: the north side is shared with Montana.  On the south are both Utah and Colorado.  To the east are South Dakota and Nebraska and on the west, the border is with Idaho and again, with Utah.

Per capita - $19,134 (1999)
Median Household - $41,554 (2003)

Climate & Weather
Semi-arid, but also quite varied due to its topographical diversity. Some areas receive as little as 5 inches of precipitation where others will have over 45 inches per year. The temperatures are quite cool due to the high overall elevation. Most summer highs rarely rise above 100 degrees F. while the summer lows are quite cool.

Average annual precipitation: 14.5 inches
Record high temperature: 114 degrees, F. on 12 July 1900 at Basin
Record low temperature: -63 degrees, F. on 9 February 1933 at Moran


The name of the state comes from a Dakota word, “mscheweamiing” that means “at the big flats” or “large plains.”

Among the early Native American Indian tribes living in this area were the Cheyenne, Crow, Shoshone, Sioux and the Ute.  Following the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, more exploration was done.  Many came to trap and hunt, while others were bound for discovery of other areas.  Fort Laramie, the first permanent trading post was built in 1834.  Other forts were built as the Oregon Trail became more traveled.

Wyoming became a territory on  25 July 1868. In 1890 it became the 44th state. When the Wyoming Territory was organized, Wyoming women became the first in the nation to obtain the right to vote.


Wyoming has several nicknames.  It is mainly known as the Cowboy State.  In fact, a cowboy on a bucking horse is the symbol of the state.  It has also been knokwn as the Wonderland of America for the great beauty in the state.  Big Wyoming is another nickname due to the large size of the state.  Wild sage is very common throughout the state leading to another nickname of the Sagebrush State 

Two other nicknames have to do with rights.  Wyoming was the first state to give women the right to vote.  It was first called the Suffrage State and that was later changed to the Equality State by which it is known today.

Did You Know?

It is against the law in Jackson, Wyoming to spit on the sidewalks or in the streets. If you spit in front of a lady, you could be arrested and jailed for no more than three days and required to pay restitution to the woman.

It is illegal to wear a hat that blocks people's view in a public theater or place of amusement.

Any person who does not close a fence in Wyoming is subject to a fine of up to seven hundred and fifty dollars.

Dinosaur skull and bones discovered at Alcova Lake were found by a local elementary class on field trip.




Official Wyoming State website



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Devil’s Tower National Monument
See this wonder of the world and the country's first national monument
Call toll-free for a free Wyoming Vacation Guide: 800-225-5996

Yellowstone National Park
Grand Teton National Park
Fossil Butte National Monument
Fort Laramie National Historic Site

Wyoming State Museum - in Cheyenne


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