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                                                      ARIZONA - PAGE THREE Photographs

Lake Havasu Area ~ Painted Rocks ~ Montezuma Castle ~ Yuma Area ~ Winslow Area
Tucson Area
~ Tombstone Area ~ Petrified Forest

page one: Cactus, Arizona Sunrise and Sunset, The Grand Canyon, Phoenix Area, Dams & Reservoirs, the White Mountains
page two: Flagstaff Area, Casa Grande Ruins, Fort Huachuca Area, Meteor Crater, Four Corners, Painted Desert


View of Lake Havasu

The London Bridge in northwestern Arizona by the California border


The Painted Rock Petroglyph Site is located near the town of Theba in southwestern Arizona. Painted Rocks is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. There are hundreds of these ancient drawings here. The site has a campground and a walking trail. It is operated by the US Bureau of Land Management. Previously it was an Arizona State Park. The stick type figures are also seen at a site about fifteen miles away in the Gila Bend Mountains. The drawings in these two sites is unique to them. Some "modern" drawings may also be seen here, sketched on the rocks by visitors to the area.


The Montezuma Castle National Monument is located near Camp Verde, Arizona and is about 25 miles from Sedona. It is a few miles off
I-17 at exit 287. The ruins were open to the public until about 1951 when they were closed to all but park personnel to help prevent further damage to the cliff dwellings. Visitors may still walk around but cannot climb up and inside the castle. The castle was built around 700 AD by the Sinagua people. The Hopi are descendents of this people. The name was chosen when they were discovered in the 1860s. The explorers named them for the Aztec emperor of Mexico, Montezuma II as they thought he had something to do with the construction. It is unknown why the site was abandoned. The castle is five stories high and has 20 rooms. The overhang protects the rooms from rain and weather. Remains of a larger dwelling are nearby but it did not remain intact. There is a gift shop and visitor center with a museum. Montezum Well, a large sinkhole, is not far away and makes an interesting trip. It is a sacred place for the Yavapai.


Yuma County Courthouse

Hot Air Balloons are popular here

Yuma Territorial Prison State Park
The prison opened on 1 July 1876 when the first inmates entered the cells that they had built themselves. Now used as a museum, visitors can walk through the cells and other areas of the prison.
The prison was used for 33 years. It was considered to be a rather humane prison for its day.

An aerial view of Yuma and the area



Welcome Sign for Winslow


Winslow - Standin' on the Corner park
This corner was made famous by an Eagles song, Take it Easy. The corner has statues and thousands of people have their pictures taken there each year. Winslow has an annual Standin' on the Corner Festival each year in September.


A look out over the city of Tucson

Downtown Tucson area

San Xavier Mission

Statue of Pancho Villa


Allen Street in old Tombstone. Re-enactments occur often each day

A portion of Boot HIll - the famous cemetery

Tombstone was founded in 1879 in ArizonaTerritory. It was a silver boom-town and attracted lots of less than "good" gunfighters. The Gunfight at the O.K. Corral took place here. Once the silver boom was over, Tombstone was lucky. At the time, it was the county seat - it was later moved to Bisbee in 1929 - and there began to be more interest in Tombstone as a tourist attraction. The world's largest rosebush is located here, planted in 1885. The rosebush is 12 feet around and covers 8,000 square feet on the roof of an inn. Helldorado Days is held here every year in October. It was begun in 1929. There is entertainment, a carnival and of course, the famous gunfight re-enactment.. The Tombstone Historic District is a National Historic Landmark District. The old county courthouse is on the left.


The Petrified Forest is located in northern Arizona off I-40 and near Holbrook
There are hundreds of acres in the park but most are inaccessible. The colors and formations are colorful and beautiful. It was designated a National Monument on 8 December 1906. Portions of the Painted Desert were also added later.
In 1962, the entire area was made a National Park. There are 218,533 acres in the park.

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