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Statistics & Facts

The New Jersey state capital is Trenton.
The population of Pine Hill is approximately 9,854 (1990), 10233 (2010).
The approximate number of families is 3,943 (1990), 4086 (2010).
The amount of land area in Pine Hill is 10.168 sq. kilometers.
The amount of surface water is 0.077 sq kilometers.
The distance from Pine Hill to Washington DC is 130 miles.
The distance to the New Jersey state capital is 32 miles. (as the crow flies)
Pine Hill is positioned 39.78 degrees north of the equator and 74.98 degrees west of the prime meridian.

Pine Hill Historical Events

1938 or 1939 Summer - The Runaway Balloon"
Submitted by Orion J. Beadling

Here is another account of the same Runaway Balloon.
Submitted by Bert Miller

1938 - November
Thanksgiving in Pine Hill

Submitted by Orion J. Beadling

Mt. Clement Avenue
Chicken by Bertram E. Miller
I was out the backdoor, made the turn to go, Next door to, or maybe past, Grandmom, Grandpop's bungalow. Grandpop was in his backyard, over by the Wood Bin, Standing by the Axe Wheel, putting water in. He yelled to me "I'll show you something, come on over here!" I diverted my direction and Just as I got near... Grandpop grabbed a chicken, cut off its cackling head, It got loose in panic ran, smack into the shed. Bounced off like a rubber ball, or a ricochet, Blindly at full speed ahead, striking anything in its way. The frenzied chicken tried to fly, off some of its deflections, Racing crazily around, aimless in its directions. I stood there dumbfounded, watched the headless chicken scurrying, To shocked to figure why it kept, on bumping into everything. Barking Scout went chasing as the chicken zigzagged all around, Hitting trees, the Outhouse door and finally... the ground. Sporadically its legs kept jerking, as it laid upon its side, Then all its movements stopped, at last the headless chicken died.

Note: Grandmom and Grandpop Foster lived in a Green, one story bungalow next to us on Mt. Clement Avenue in Pine Hill, New Jersey. There was a path from our backdoor, around to the right behind our house over to their backdoor. It was a path I took on a regular basis in those early years. Back in those days we had Chicken about every Sunday and it was very common for many people to have Chicken Coups and prepare their own Chickens. Bert Miller

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