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The Runaway Balloon 2

Another version of the “Runaway Balloon” from the late 1930’s.
Submitted by Bert Miller

On the beach in Clementon Park, a Hot Air Balloon inflates pneumatic,
When full to rise in the summer air, buoyantly dramatic.
A man on a trapeze underneath, would jump when high up in the sky,
He’d plunge to earth, his parachute open, and land somewhere nearby.
The balloon then slowly inverted, collapsed and fell in Clementon Lake.
It usually went as smooth as clockwork, without an error or mistake
But once the balloon drifted away, after the Parachute Man descended,
heading up towards Pine Hill, and not falling down as intended.
Caught in a balmy summer breeze, the aimless balloon glided along,
With those left gazing from below, wondering just what had gone wrong.
Higher and higher in the sky, the balloon continued to ascend,
And where it would go was any ones guess, or if it ever would descend.
Some folks jumped in cars, went chasing, trying to follow its aerial route,
Zig zagging along old country roads, with turn after turn to execute.
Suddenly, somewhere above Pine Hill, the balloon inverted and fell. 
It seemed to drop in Three Mile Swamp, but where was very hard to tell. 
I think it was our Pine Hill Policeman, who ultimately tracked it down,
and for the rest of summer, an errant balloon was the talk of the town.

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