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Statistics & Facts

The Nevada state capital is Carson City.
The population of Winnemucca is approximately 6,134 (1990), 7396 (2010).
The approximate number of families is 2,442 (1990), 2926 (2010).
The amount of land area in Winnemucca is 19.557 sq. kilometers.
The amount of surface water is 0 sq kilometers.
The distance from Winnemucca to Washington DC is 2239 miles.
The distance to the Nevada state capital is 167 miles. (as the crow flies)
Winnemucca is positioned 40.96 degrees north of the equator and 117.72 degrees west of the prime meridian.
Winnemucca elevation is 4,299 feet above sea level.


On Interstate 80 between Reno and Elko. Here is a map page for Winnemucca. Here is another map page for Winnemucca.
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History & History Related Items

When the town was founded in 1850, it was called "Marystown" until about 1860. Then later, it was known as French Ford. It was also Centerville for a short time. Once the railroad arrived, residents began to search for a new name for their booming town. They decided to rename the town Winnemucca in honor of Chief Winnemucca, leader of the local Paiute band. See the history page for more information.

Butch Cassidy's last bank robbery in the US occurred in Winnemucca on Bridge street.

Here is a history page for Winnemucca.
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The settling of Winnemucca

1850 (approx.)


Humboldt County Fairgrounds
1000 Fairgrounds Rd
Winnemucca, NV 89445-2007

Humboldt Historical Museum
175 W Jungo Rd & Maple Ave
P.O. Box 819
Winnemucca, NV 89445
Phone: 702-623-2912

Buckaroo Hall of Fame
30 W. Winnemucca Blvd.
Winnemucca NV 89445
Phone: 775-623-2225

The Winnemucca Local Pages
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Economy & Industry

based mainly on mining, gaming, agriculture and manufacturing
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Winnemucca City Government

The City of Winnemucca

Winnemucca City Mayor Office
90 W 4th St
Winnemucca, NV 89445-3101
Phone: 702-623-6341

Winnemucca City Fire Department
90 West Fourth Street
Winnemucca, NV 89445
Phone: 775-623-6429 (Dispatch)

Winnemucca Police Department
25 West Fifth Street
Winnemucca, NV 89445
Phone: 775-623-6396

Humboldt County Commissioners
25 W 5th St # 205
Winnemucca, NV 89445-3102
Phone: 702-623-6300

A webpage for Humboldt County.

email the county -

Humboldt County Courthouse
50 West 5th Street
Winnemucca, NV 89445
Phone: 702-623-6343

Here is another county page for Humboldt County

Winnemucca Chamber

The Humboldt County Nevada Chamber of Commerce
30 W. Winnemucca Blvd
Winnemucca, Nevada 89445-3129
Phone: 702-623-2225
Toll-free: 800-962-2638

Winnemucca Organizations

The Humboldt County Nevada Chamber of Commerce
30 W. Winnemucca Blvd
Winnemucca, Nevada 89445-3129
Phone: 702-623-2225
Toll-free: 800-962-2638

Winnemucca Libraries

Humboldt County Library
85 E 5th St
Winnemucca, NV 89445-3010
Phone: 702-623-6388
Fax: 702-623-6438

Winnemucca Schools

Humboldt County School District
310 E 4th St
Winnemucca, NV 89445-2831
Phone: 702-623-8100


Great Basin College Winnemucca Branch Campus
5490 Kluncy Canyon
Winnemucca, NV
Phone: 775-623-4824

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