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Emery County

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The Cities and communities of Emery County, Utah*

Castle Dale (County Seat), Clawson, Cleveland

Elmo, Emery


Green River (Emery and Grand Counties)

Hiawatha (Emery and Carbon Counties), Huntington


Mohrland, Moore



*This list of cities may not be complete. The list may contain towns, cities, villages, boroughs, neighborhoods, townships, ghost towns and other populated places.

If you have information about any of these unlinked communities, please send it to us and we will add a page for that community. Some of these places above may only be neighborhoods or local area names and are not listed with the census at all or just included in a larger surrounding designated census area..

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Information & Facts about Utah County Template, Utah

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Emery County Official Website

Emery County
75 East Main STreet
P.O. Box 629
Castle Dale, UT 84513
Phone: 435-381-2119

County Clerk/Auditor

The County Seat of Emery County is Castle Dale

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1880 - 556
1890 - 5,076
1900 - 4,657
1910 - 6,750
1920 - 7,411
1930 - 7,042
1940 - 7,072
1950 - 6,304
1960 - 5,546
1970 - 5,137
1980 - 11,451
1990 - 10,332
1995 - 10,638
2000 - 10,860
2009 - 10,629

Median Age:
2000 - 30 years

Population Density:
2000 - 2 persons per square mile

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in southeastern Utah with Carbon County on the north. The Green River is the natural boundary between Emery County and Grand County on the east. On the west are both Sevier and Sanpete Counties. The southern border is with Wayne County. Sanpete County lies to the northwest

Map of Emery County

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The county's climate is quite diverse during the year with all four seasons well represented. While most snow falls in the mountains, the valleys do have some snow each winter. Summers are warm but not too hot and are especially enjoyable in the outdoors.

Average winter high temperature: 39 degrees F.
Average summer high temperature: 86 degrees F.
Average fall high temperature: 64 degrees F.
Average Spring high temperature: 63 degrees F.

Here is a current weather page for Emery County

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Other Facts and Figures:

Number of Housing Units:
2000 - 4,093

Median Household Income:
2000 - $39,850
2009 - $48,034

Per Capita Income:
1990 - $13,576
2000 - $14,243

Median House Value:
2000 - $79,200
2009 - $103,550

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A history page for Emery County. Also try this history page for the county. Ghost Towns of Emery County, Utah

When livestock ranchers from Sanpete County came into the Castle Valley area of the County in 1875 to graze their cattle and sheep, they realized it would be a good place for settlement. As Brigham Young, the Mormon leader, was anxious to occupy lands in Utah before non-mormons came in the settled, a number of families were sent into the Castle Valley in the fall of 1877. These settlements became Huntington, Terron, Castle Dale and Orangeville.

When it was founded in 1880, the county was named for George W. Emery, the governor of Utah Territory in 1875.

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Total area: 4,462 square miles
Land area: 4,452 square miles
Water area: 10 square miles

This county includes the San Rafael Swell desert area, the Mountains of the Wasatch Plateau and the Castle Valley area (most populated area in the county). There are many remote areas west of the Green River. The San Rafael River courses through the entire county from the northwest corner down to the southeast area, bringing life to an otherwise arid and desolate area.

Huntington Creek, Cottonwood Creek and Ferron Creek all come together to form the San Rafael River after coming through the Castle Valley. It then passes on through the desert areas to unite with the Green River at the county border

Portions of Capitol Reef National Park and Manti-La Sal National Forest lie within the county.

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Linkpendium page for Emery County
Kindred Trails genealogy page for the county
US GenWeb page for Emery County

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Emery County Public Library
115 North 100 East
P.O. Box 515
Castle Dale, Utah 84513
Phone: 435-381-2554

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Emery County School District
130 N Main
P.O. Box 120
Huntington, UT 84528
Phone: 435-687-9846

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Economic Development page for the county

As with many of the rural counties of Eastern and Southern Utah, Emery County was supported mainly by livestock and farming throughout its history. During the 1970's, coal mines and power plants were opened in the county bringing prosperity and large numbers of residents. Unfortunately, the boom became a bust when depressed markets for coal and other related items slowed the thriving economy. Unemployment edged higher and higher and local economies slumped. Though the county has many natural resources that could stimulate the economy, the area has not tapped this reserve.

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Organizations & Groups

Emery County Travel Bureau
Castle Dale, Utah
Phone: 435-381-2600
Toll-free: 888-564-3600

Castle Dale - Emery County Utah Chamber of Commerce
410 E. Main
Castle Dale, UT 84513
Phone: 435-381-2547

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Attractions & Other Information

Emery County Fair - held each year in August

Museum of the San Rafael
70 N. 100 East
Castle Dale, Utah 84513
Phone: 435-381-5252

Pioneer History Museum
65 East 100 North
Castle Dale, Utah
Phone: 435-381-5154

John Wesley Powell River History Museum
1765 East Main Street
P.O. Box 620
Green River, Utah 84525
Phone: 435-564-3427

Travel brochure for the county

San Rafael Reef
San Rafael Swell
Goblin Valley State Park

Emery County Recreation District

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