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What cities or communities are associated with these mottos, slogans, nicknames or where is the "home of_?" Find out by clicking on the link that intrigues you. If your own hometown is not here, send it to us and we'll add it in. The links are placed in this list in alphabetical order. The word, “the” is not used as the first word in a motto or nickname.






Earth So Rich, the City Grows

The East West Connection

Easy Living, Where Good People Count

Education - Cooperation - Progress

Education First

Egg Basket of the World

The Electric City

 Electric City

The Electric City

The Electric City

The Elm City

The Elm City

Elm City

Embrace the Vision

Embracing our Past…Envisioning our Future

The Emerald City

The End is Just the Beginning

Endurance City of the World

The Enterprising City with the Home Town Touch

 The Entertainment Capital of the World

Everybody's Hometown

Everybody's Home Town

Everybody's Hometown in the Wine Country

Everybody's somebody in Snellville

Everywhere Should Be Like This

Experience it all in Longview


Falls City

The Family City

Family Country

Farm Toy Capital of the World

Festival City, USA

Festival Hub of the Valley

Find Your Sonoma Smile

The Firebrick Capitol of the World

The First City of Kansas

The First Electrically Lighted City in the World

First from the Sea, First to the Stars

The First Town of the First State

Fisherman's Paradise

Flag City, U.S.A.

Flagstone Capital of the United States

Flag Town, U.S.A.

Florida's Crossroads

The Florida Town That Time Forgot

The Flour City

The Flour City

The Flower Box City

The Football Capital of the World

 Forest City

Forward Together

Four Flags

Four Lake City

Four Seasons of Beauty and Fun

Fresno County's Best Kept Secret


The Friendliest

The Friendly Bay Village

Friendliest Ghost Town in Alaska

The Friendly City

The Friendly City

The Friendly City

The Friendly City

The Friendly City

The Friendly City

The Friendly City - Gateway to Lake Limestone

The Friendly Village on the Square

The Friendly Village with Country Charm

Frog Capital of the USA

From Solid Roots – Strong Branches

The Fruit Basket of the Antelope Valley

Furniture & Hosiery Capital of the World

You are welcome to contribute. Be sure to mention the name of the city and state and include the slogan. If you like, you may add a brief explanation of the item. Email it to newinfo@usacitiesonline.com . We always appreciate your input!

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